Conditions of Sale

  1. All Bids are to be per lot as numbered in the catalogue.
  2. All property is sold “AS IS”, and any representation or statement by the auctioneer in
    any catalogue, brochure, or advertisement as to the authorship, attribution, genuineness,
    origin, date, age, provenance, condition, or estimated selling price is a statement of
    opinion only. Every person interested should exercise and rely on his own judgement as to
    such matters and neither the auctioneer nor his agents are responsible for the corrections
    of such opinions.
  3. Notwithstanding the preceding condition, property may be returned by the purchaser,
    the sale rescinded and the purchase refunded under the following conditions: (1) printed
    books which prove upon collation to be defective in text or illustrations (provided such
    defects are not indicated in the catalogue or at the sale), and (2) autographs, photographs
    or graphics, which prove not to be genuine (if this can be demonstrated and if not indicated
    in the catalogue or at the sale). Written notice, by registered mail return receipt requested,
    of the cause for return must be received by New England Book Auction within fourteen
    (14) days of the sale of the property, and the property must be returned to New England
    Book Auctions in the same condition as it was at the time of the sale. BOOKS IN LOTS
  4. On the fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer, title to the offered lot will pass to the highest
    acknowledged bidder, who thereupon immediately assumes full risk and responsibility
    thereof, and will immediately pay the full purchase price thereof. No lot may be taken
    away unless the purchase price thereof has been paid in full.
  5. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event
    of any dispute between the bidders, the Auctioneer shall have absolute discretion either to
    determine the successful bidder, or to re-offer and resell the lot in dispute. If any dispute
    arises after the sale, New England Book Auctions sale records shall be conclusive as to
    the purchaser, amount of the highest bid, and in all other respects.
  6. New England Book Auctions reserves the right to withdraw any property at any time
    before its actual final sale, and to refuse any bid from any bidder. The Auctioneer is the
    sole judge as to the amount to be advanced by each succeeding bid.
  7. The highest acknowledged bid shall be increased by a BUYER’S PREMIUM OF 15%
    OF THE BID. The sum of the bid and the premium shall be the purchase price payable
    by the buyer. Unless exempted by law from the payment thereof, the purchaser will be
    required to pay Massachusetts Sales Tax.
  8. Where there is a reserve, it is so indicated by the symbol • next to the description for that
    lot. (A reserve is the minimum price agreed between the Consignor and New England
    Book Auctions below which the lot will not be sold.) Where there is a reserve, in no event
    will it exceed the minimum estimate distributed with this catalogue. New England Book
    Auctions may implement the reserve by bidding through its representative on behalf of
    the Consignor. The Consignor may not bid upon or buy back his own property.
  9. Bids which are submitted to New England Book Auctions in writing, or are otherwise
    left with New England Book Auctions prior to an auction for execution at or below a
    specific price, are entertained and executed by New England’s for the convenience of
    bidders, but New England Book Auctions shall not be responsible for failing to execute
    such bids or for errors relating to the execution of such bids.
  10. The “ADVICE TO BIDDERS” appearing in this catalogue forms part of these
    Conditions of Sale.

Advice to Bidders

  1. All property sold is subject to the CONDITIONS OF SALE printed in this catalogue.
  2. Prospective bidders should inspect the property prior to the auction. However, we are
    always pleased to answer questions, describe items in greater detail, and execute bids.
  3. When bidders are unable to attend the sale, New England Book Auctions will enter their
    bids, subject to the Conditions of Sale, without charge and without responsibility for
    errors. Bids may be sent by phone, fax, or mail. We do not use email for auction bidding.
    Mail bids should be made on the form provided in the catalogue, and should arrive by the
    day of the sale. Fax bids must be received in the office by noon on the day of the sale.
    Phone bids must be made to the office by noon on the day of the sale, or to the hotel by
    5 PM on the day of the sale (see bid sheet). The bidder understands and agrees that the
    purchase price of an item will be the sum of the final bid, the 15% buyer’s premium, and
    any applicable sales tax. All bids are to be in U.S. dollars. Payment is by cash or check
    only. Any items purchased via an advanced bid which are to be collected at the business
    office of New England Book Auctions, must be paid in full and removed within one
    week of the sale.
  4. Bids will be executed on the buyer’s behalf at the lowest possible price in competition
    with other order bids and with bidding in the room. Every effort will be made to carry
    out the bidder’s instructions, but New England Book Auctions shall in no event be
    responsible for failing to carry out the instructions correctly.
  5. Successful bidders will be notified. No notification is sent to unsuccessful bidders.
    PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIPT OF NOTICE. Prices Realized are available for
    $1.00 and a SASE.
  6. Payment for purchases must be made in cash or approved check, in U.S. dollars drawn
    on a United States bank account. NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. Upon receipt,
    New England Book Auctions will, if so requested, ship purchases at an additional charge
    for handling, postage and insurance, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage
    resulting from the packing and shipping thereof. New England Book Auctions is the
    sole judge in the method to be used for shipping, and will ship via UPS unless clearly
    IN FULL.
  7. Estimates will be found in bold type immediately after each lot description. These estimates
    are intended as a guide to bidding. The figures are educated guesses based on recent values.
    The estimates are exclusive of the 15% premium payable on the hammer price.
  8. For information about New England Book Auctions, the upcoming schedule of auctions,
    directions to the sales, and photographs of selected sale items (when available), access
    our website:

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