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Lot NumberDescription KeywordItem DescriptionPublishing Date 
3Bates, Jr., Joseph D.(6) First Editions. Spinning For Fresh Water Game Fish. * Trout Waters. * Atlantic Salmon. * Etc.Vd
4Peyre, Roger.Napoleon Et Son Temps.1896

5Poitou, M. Eugene.Un Hiver En Egypte.1876
6Civil War.William Wassung. New York State Volunteers Document. Framed. (1866). With His Photograph On Milk Glass.Vd
7Cartography.Maps Most Are R.I.Vd
8Print.Lincoln And His Family. Engraved By William Sartain. Framed.19th Century
9Angling.(15) Volumes. Trout And Salmon.Vd
10Mayer, Alfred M.(3) Volumes. Sport With Gun & Rod In American Woods And Water.1883
11Fly-Fishing.(11) Volumes. Steel Head. * The Cast By Jaworowski. * Atlantic Salmon. * Etc.Vd
12Travel.Agenda, Paris Lyon Mediterranee. Color Plates.1925
13Holden, Dr. George Parker.(6) Volumes. Streamcraft An Angling Manual. (1919). * Angling (1931). * The Idyl Of The Split-Bamboo. (1920).Vd
14Landon, Harry F.The North Country. Signed.1932
15Angling.A Catalogue Of An Exhibition Of Angling Book Plates.1918

16Mountain Ranges.A History Of The Adirondacks By Alfred L. Donaldson. (2) Volumes. (1963). * The Catskills By Alf Evers. ( 1972)Vd
17Berenson, Bernard.The Drawings Of The Florentine Painters. (3) Volumes. Slip-Cased.1970
18American Periodicals.(6) Bound volumes. All Are Volume 1. The Monthly Anthology & Boston Review. (1804). * The Evergreen. (1844). * The Minerva. (1824). * Etc.Vd
19Slavery.The History Of Slavery And The Slave Trade. Full Leather.1860
20North, Roger.The Lives Of The Norths. (3) Volumes. 3/4 Maroon Leather.1826
21Landor, A. Henry Savage.In The Forbidden Land. An Account Of A journey to Tibet. (2) Volumes.1899
22Green, Samuel Abbott.John Foster The Earliest American Engraver. Signed.1909
23Prints.Abraham Lincoln. Framed. * Friary Court By J.H. Bull.Vd
24Natural History.(4) Volumes. Garden Island Of The Great East. (1943). * Tropical Crops By Purseglove. (1968). * Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities By Seba. Color Plates.Vd

25Sprague, Isaac.Flowers Of The Field And Forest. Color Plates.1883
26Martrilalis.Epigramma Ton Libri XIIII. Full Vellum.1542
27Christy, Howard Chandler.The Christy Book Of Drawings.1908
28Milton, John.Comus A Maske. 1/160.1902
29Cartography.Johnson's Massachusetts, Connecticut And Rhode Island. Framed.1864
30Bible.Pennsylvania German. Full Leather With a Clasp.1823
31The Times Journal.Odes Upon Cash, Corn, Catholics And Other Matters.1829
32French.L'Exode Et Le Levitique. Full Leather.1683
33Illustrated.A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy. With Hand-Colored Rowlandson Plates.1809
34Keats, John.Selection From The Poems Of. 1/2001906
35Repton, Humphey.The Art Of Landscape Gardening. One Plate Is Torn.1907

36Furioso, Orlando.Di Ludovico Ariosto. (4) Volumes. 1/2 Maroon Leather.1777
37DictionaryAmbrosii Calepini Dictionarium. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.1663
38Chaplin, Arnold.A St. Helena Who's Who. A Directory Of The Island During The Captivity Of Napoleon.1919
39Morse, Edward S.Japanese Homes And Their Surroundings. With A Thomas Bailey Aldrich Signature.1886
40Humphreys, Col. David.Life Of The Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam. 3/4 Leather.1810
41Fine Press.(3) Volumes. Whistler's Pastels By Gallatin. (1911). * Without Prejudice. Letters From Frederick William Rolfe To John Lane. (1963). * Persephone By John Drinkwater.Vd

42Odd Fellows.Official History Of.1904
43Lossing, Benson J.Our Country A Household History. (3) Volumes. With Native American Plates. 3/4 Leather.1880
44Typical Elms.And Other Trees Of Massachusetts. Introductory Chapter By Oliver Wendell Holmes. Plates By Henry Brooks.1900
45Miscellany.(3) Volumes. The Faculties Of Birds. 3/4 Leather. (1835). * Discovery Of The North Pole. ( 1909). * A Memorial Of Abraham Lincoln. (1865).Vd
46Illustrated.(3) Volumes. The Cream Of Leicestershire. Colored Plates By John Sturgess. (1883). * Skazki Tales And Legends Of Old Russia. (1926). * The Golden Legend. With Colored Plates.Vd
47Miscellany.(3) Volumes. From Death-Camp To Existentialism By Frankl. (1959). * The Overfishing Problem By Russell. (1942). * The Winthrop Fleet Of 1630 By Banks. Signed. ( 1930).Vd
48Van De Velds, Willem.The Paintings Of. (2) Volumes. Slip-Cased.1990
49Lamb, Wallace E.The Lake Champlain And Lake George Valleys. (3) Volumes.1940
50Illustrations.Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion. * Harpers Weekly Illustrations. * Etc.Vd
51Postcards.Album. Maine And N.H. 19th Century.Vd

52Leather Bindings.(8) Volumes. 19th Century.Vd
53Mazzei, Philip.Selected Writings And Correspondence. (3) Volumes. (1983). * Theodor Fontane. (2) Volumes.Vd
54Photography.(4) Volumes. The People Of Moscow By Cartier-Bresson. * Wideload By Thomas P. Smith. * Etc.Vd
55Bible.Tooled And Embossed Full Leather. With Metal Clasp.1800's

56Leather Bindings.(5) Volumes. Battles Of The United States. (1858). * Portrait Gallery Of Eminent Men And Women. (1872). * Etc.Vd
57Prints.(3) Racist Depictions Of African Americans. " Honey Does You Lub Yo Man". * Etc. Framed.1890's

58Photography.Miscellaneous Photographs.Vd
59Radio Industry.Intriduction By David Sarnoff. Illustrated. Gilt-Lettered Leather Spine-Label. First Edition.1928
60(Masurovsky, Gregory). White, Claire Nicolas.Paysages Americains. Original Etched Frontispiece. 1/20. Signed By Masurovsky.1997

61Park, James Allen.A System Of The Law Of Marine Insurances. Full Leather.1796
62Dumas, Alexander.La Dame Aux Camellias. 1/500 Copies. Full Leather With Onlay. Color Plate. Slipcase.

63Etching Catalogs.(5) Volumes Photocopies. Cole. * Ingres & Delacroix. * Debucort. * Raffaelli.Vd
64Print Reference.(8) Volumes. Rockwell Kent. * Roland Clark. * Baskin. * Jakob Steinhardt. * Hogarth. * Levon West. * Paul Revere.Vd
65Rothenstein, William.The Portrait Drawings. 1/520.1926

66Art Reference.(4( Volumes. Catalogue Of Early German And Flemish Woodcuts. (1980). * Giovanni Volpato 1735-1803. * Lanna I. (1909).Vd

67Print Reference.(4) Volumes. Thomas Gainsborough. * Prentiss Taylor. * Armin C. Hansen. * George Stubbs.Vd
68P.F. Whitmore.(50+) Account Books. 1920's-1950's.Vd

69Postcards & Posters.Military. * Maritime. * Science & Technology.Vd
70Evans, Charles.American Bibliography. (8) Volumes.1903
71Prints.(28). French.Vd
72Military.Germany's Army And Navy By Pen And Picture.1900
73Airlines.Central Technical Institute. Airlines Training Division. Lessons and Related Ephemera. 1950's.Vd
74Photography.(2) Albums. 1939 Mardi Gras. MIlitary. * Box Of Photographs. Snapshots. Etc.Vd

75Whitney, Orson F.History Of Utah. 4 Volumes. Gilt Embossed Leather, rebacked.1893
76Cartography.Topographical Survey Of The Adrondack Region Of New York State. 19th Century.Vd
77Jones, Owen.The Grammar Of Ornament. Color Plates. Full Leather.1868

78Ephemera.Bill Heads. Turners Falls. Springfield. Northampton. Etc. 1900's.Vd
79Potter, John.The Antiquities Of Greece. 3/4 Leather.1706
80Rees, Abraham.The Cyclopedia Of Arts, Science And Literature. (37) Of (39) Volumes. Lacks Volumes 7 & 8 And All Plates. 3/4 Leather.1819
81Burton, Isabel.The Life Of Captain Sir Richard Burton. (2) volumes. Lacks One Plate.1893
82Cartography.A Plan Of The Town And Fort Of Carillon At Ticonderoga; With Attack Made By British Commander Gen Abcorombie July., 1758. Framed.
83Prints.Voyages Round The World. Captain Cook's First, Second, Third And Last Voyages. (55) Illustrations.1784-86.
84Allom.(150+) Engravings.1835
85Odd Volumes.18th Century Dutch Binding. Full Leather.18th Century.
86Commodore Perry.Maps and Plates Of The Perry Expedition.Vd
87Print Reference.(3) Volumes. Richard Earlom. (1886). * Jacques Callot. (1914). * William Faithorne. (1888).Vd
88Ornament Catalogues.(3) Volumes. German.Vd
89Photography.(3) Albums. Early 19th Century Travel. Including Japan And India.Vd
90Heller, Joseph.Catch-22. Early Printing With The Dust Jacket.
91Astronomy."Supernova Remnant 0509 NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory." Large color photograph,, matted in glass-fronted frame.nd
92Kent, Rockwell.A Treasury of Sea Stories.. 8vo, cloth, dust jacket. SIGNED & WARMLY INSCRIBED BY KENT.-1948
93Clark, J.D.Atlas Of African Prehistory.
94Periodicals.Ballou's Pictorial. * Every Saturday. * Gleason's Pictorial. * Etc. (100+) Issues.Vd
95Scott, Jonathan M.The Sorceress Or Salem Delivered. A Poem. Lacks Title Page.1817
96Peepshow Book.Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves.
97Coke.The First Part Of The Institutes Of The Laws Of England. Full Leather.1628
98Perkins, Max.Editorial Notes. Corrected Copy. Sails Over Ice by Captain Bob Bartlett. (1934). * The Illiad Of Homer. Signed. ( 1945).Vd
99Periodicals.Harper's Weekly. (100+) Issues.Vd
Of Mount Holyoke College. South Hadley Mass.
101Prints.(12). Japanese. Ogai. * Shusie. * Seikwa. * Koson. * Hotei. * Etc. Imported By J.B. Millet. Boston. Portfolio.1904
102Pamphlets.National Democratic Convention. (1860). * Obras Clasicas. (1849). * Senate Report. (1856). * Etc.Vd
103Prints.Japanese Accordion Portfolio.
104Shaw, Henry.The Encyclopedia Of Ornament.1898
105Architecture.Cathedral Churches Of England And Wales. Volumes 2 & 3.1838
106Davis, John.Travels In Louisiana And The Floridas In The Year 1802.1806
107Rynal.History Of The Indies. (6) Volumes. Full Leather.1782
108Blackstone, William.Commentaries On The Laws Of England. In Four Books.1793
109Odd Leather Volumes.(4). National Portrait Gallery Of Eminent Americans. * The Poetical Works Of Lord Byron. (1867).Vd
110Delbanco, Kurt.Amos Eno Gallery. Signed With Drawing.1998
111Small Press.(11) Volumes. Limited. Darlene miller. * Derek A. Taylor. * Richard Blanco. * Norris Lacy. * Etc.Vd
112Medical Manuscript.Synopsis Of Medical Lectures. Reported At The Spring Lession Of The Eclectic Medical College.1859
113James Jr., Henry.The Portrait Of A Lady.1882
114Charles=Malo.Histoire D'Haiti.1825
115Tudor.Letters On The Eastern States. Full Leather.1820
116Signed Volumes.(3). Piano Playing By Joseph Hofmann. (1920). * The Seventeen Traditions By Ralp Nader. ( 2007). * The Waters And The Wild By Gwenol Heneker. (1972).Vd
117Melmoth, Willian Henry.The Whole Genuine Works Of Virgil. Lacks Map. Full Leather.Late 18th Century.
118Honeywood, Sir Robert.The History Of The Affairs Of Europe. But more Particularly Of The Republik Of Venice. Lacks Leaves Ee 3 & 4. Full Leather.1673
119North, Sir Thomas.The Earliest English Version Of The Fables Of Bidpai. 1/550. In The Original Dust Wrapper.1888
120Ilustrated.The Fairy Bower. One Tulip Plate missing.1848
121Biblical Atlas.And Scripture Gazetteer.19th Century.
122Dana.Two Years Before The Mast. 2nd Printing.1840
123Chamberlain, Samuel.Signed Print. Unframed.
124Print Reference.Wenceslaus Hollar By Dogget & Griffiths. * Nantevil. * Deveria. * (3) Photocopies.Vd
125Illustrated.(4) Volumes. Penrose's Pictorial Annual 1904-5 & 1910-11. * The Home Magazine Vol. 4. (1854). *New Salmagundi Papers. Series Of 1922.Vd
126Automotive.Illuminating Equipment. Catalog, Photographs And Blueprints.1920's
127Appleton's Journal.Literature, Science And Art. Volume 5. 3/4 Leather.1871
128Photography.Hand Colored Photographs Of Japan.Vd
129Cartography.Military Map.18th Century.
130Picturesque America.Volumes 1-47.1872
131Photography.(10) Volumes. Fox Talbot & The Invention Of Photography By Buckland. * The Spirit Of Fact. Daguerreotypes Of Southworth & Hawes. 1843-1862. * Historu Of Photography. An International Journal.Vd
132Whymper, Edward.The Ascent Of The Matterhorn. 3/4 Maroon Leather.1880
133Aikin, John.A View Of The Life And Travels Of John Howard. Full Leather.1794
134Vanburgh & Cibber.The Provok'd Husband. Or A Journey To London. 3/4 Leather.1771
135Pomet.A Compleat History Of Druggs. Volume 1. Lacking (2) Plates Of (86).Full Leather.1712
136Photography.Black & White Snapshots. Travel. Etc. * Real Photo Postcards.Vd
137Cotton Mather.Magnalia Christi Americana. Full Leather.1702
138Barrow, John.Travels In China. Complete.Full Leather.1804
139Illustrated.(3) Volumes. Picturesque Europe. Volume 2. (1878). Picturesque Palestine. (2) Volume 2. (1883). All Are 3/4 Leather.Vd
140Ephemera.Bill Heads And Letterheads. 19th And Early 20th Century.Vd
141Pomology.The Fruits And Fruit Trees Of America By Downing. (1857). * How to Lay Out a Garden By Kemp. (1894).Vd
142Michaux, Andre.Historie Des Chenes De L'Amerique. With Botanical Illustrations. 3/4 Leather.1801
143Ephemera.Bill Heads. 19th And 20th Century.Vd
144Bible.Full Leather. With Manuscript Ephemera.1803
145Ledger.Account Book . 3/4 Leather.Circa 1900
146Music.Bound Volume of Sheet Music. 3/4 Leather.19th Century.
147Moore.Gems Of. Byron. With Engraved Plates.1850
148BreviariumRomanum. Full Leather.1778
149Louis De Bourbon.Oraison Funebre. 1/2 Leather.1687
150Austin, Anne.Devotionis Auggustinia Nae Flamma. Full Leather.1637
151Illustrations.Boston Globe Editorial And Sports Illustrations. 1960's-1990's.Vd
152Private Press.Description Of Early Books Owned by The Grolier Club. (1895). * Lucifer Bt George Santayana. Dunster House. (1924).Vd
153Ricci, Father Matteo.China Arts And Daily Life As Seen By Father Ricci And Other Jesuit Missionaries. Color Plates.1984
154Fouche, Joseph.The Memoirs. Duke Of Otranto. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.1825
155De Vinci.Traite De La Peinture, De Leonard De Vinci. 1/2 Leather.1820
156Bartlett, W.H.The Nile Boat; Or, Glimpses Of The Land Of Egypt.1849
157Organs.(9) Volumes. A Guide to North American Organ Builder By Fox. * The Organ Reed By Hunt & Homer. * The Art Of Organ Voicing By Monette. * Organ Design & Appraisea By Jamison. * The Revivlal Of The Organ Case By Blanton. * Encyclopedia Of The Theatre Organ By Junchen. volume 1. * Etc.Vd
158Cartography.(2) Volumes. Report Of The Superintendent Of The Coast Survey 1863 & 1864.1864
159Schreiber.Manuel De L'Amateur De La Gravure Sur Bois Et Sur Metal. (3) Volumes. 3/4 Blue Leather.1891
160Poster.Red Cross Service Flag Poster By Jessie Willcox Smith.1918
161Prints.Engravings. Large Lot. Most Are Stripped From Books.19th & 20th Century.
162State History.(3) Volumes. The History Of New Hampshire By Belknap. (1784). * The History Of The Province Of Massachusetts Bay By Hutchinson. Volumes 3. (1828). * History Of The War Of The Independence Of The USA By Otis. volumes 2. (1826).Vd
163Lavoisne.Atlas Of Ancient And Modern History. Lacks (2) Maps. Full Leather.1821
164Ledger.Standard Diary . Account Of Mortgages. G. L. Allen & Rogers Stock & Bond Brokers. Etc. 1/2 Leather.1896
165Hugo, Victor.Les Miserables. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.1862
166Expense Book.Chandler Of Brattleboro VT. Includes A High School Report For 1862.1862
167Neal, John.True Womanhood. First Edition. (1859). * The Library Of Romance by Leitch Ritchie. (1834).Vd
168Sammelband.Biographical Pamphlets.19th Century.
169Sulky Racing Print.Dexter, Ethan Allen And Mate. Fashion Course L.I. 1867.19th Century.
170RecopliacionDe Leyes De Indias. (3) volumes. Missing Volume (1). Full Leather.1756
171Crest.Gelacht-Boomen. Book Of Crest. Full Leather.
172Ships Of War.Duty And Conduct Of The Commanders Of The King Of Great-Britain's Ships Of War. Full Leather.1741
173Prints.The Lady Ratcliffe By Holbien. * Etc.Vd
174Occult.A Complete Illustration Of The Astrological And Occult Sciences By E. Sibly. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.
175Prints.(4) Actualities. * Two Nudes. * Waterfall Photograph. (1984).Vd
176Art Reference.(3) Volumes. Samuel Palmer By Lister. * Besnard (Photocopy). * Piranesi By Focillon.Vd
177Cartography.(3) Framed Maps. Reprints. Includes A Historical Map Of The Champlain Valley. * Restoration Of Fort Ticonderoga On Lake Champlain. Not a Reprint.Vd
178Botany.The Floricultural Cabinet And Florist Magazine. Volume 9. Color Plates.1841
179Sammelband.(20) Pamphlets. Education. 1840's-50's.Vd
180George III.Magnae Britanniae. Full Leather.1773
181Harper's Weekly.Bound Volume 12. With (7) Winslow Homer Illustrations. 3/4 Leather.1868
182Japanese Print.Yumeji Takehisa. Reprint. Includes Yumeji Art Museum Volume.
183Fine Binding.Prayer Book. Lacks Title Page. Full Leather.1793
184Boileau.Oeuvres Completes. (5) Volumes. 1/2 Leather.1825
185Chansonnier.Des Graces. Full Maroon Leather With Gilt Embossing.1827
186Sporting.British Sports And Sportsmen. Compiled And Edited By The Sportsman. (2) Volumes.1908
187Ciceronis.Opera. Full Leather.1659
188Burr, Colonel Aaron.Trial. Volume 2 Only.1808
189Walton & Cotton.The Complete Angler. Full Leather. With Slipcase.1750
190Cousins & Riley.The Woodcarver Of Salem. Samuel McIntire His Life And Work.1916
191Scott, WalterScott. Waverley Novels. Volumes 2-25. Full calf.1850s
192Cartography.Geologic Atlas Of The United States By Charles Butts. (8) Volumes. Pennsylvania. Alabama.1945
193Trade Catalogs.Millwork. Doors. (8) Volumes.Vd
194Twain, Mark.(2) Volumes. Mark Twain's Library Of Humor. (1888). * The Gilded Age. Full Leather. (1874).Vd
195Lindbergh, Charles A.Sky Birds Non-Sports Cart No. 36.1934
196Lemnius.The Secret Miracle Of Nature. 3/4 Leather.1658
197Calderon, Pedro.Las Comedias. (4) Volumes. 1/2 Leather.1827
198Postcards.With State Maps.Vd
199Monro, Alexander.New Brunswick; With A Brief Outline Of Nova Scotia, And Prince Edward Island. With Two Maps.1855
200Dybek, Stuart.Brass Knuckles. Signed First Edition. In The Dust Jacket.1979
201Ephemera.Restaurant Menus. 1950's-60's.Vd
202Art Paper.(2) Packages.
203Prints And Maps.(5). Village Of Buffalo. Livingston. Civil War.Vd
204Adult Pulp.(36) Volumes. Paperbacks And Pulp Magazines.Vd
205Children's Primers.(10) volumes. The History Of Thomas Brown. (1824). The Shepard Of The Pyrenees. (1827). Etc.Vd
206Palladius.Del Teatro Olimpico. Lacks One Plate. Full Leather.1733
207Japan.The Osaka Directory.Circa 1910.
208Huysmans, J.K.Against The Grain. Plates.
209Art Journal.(5) Bound Volumes. Full Leather.1800's
210Cigarette CardsMaritime.Vd
211Travel.(8) Volumes. The motor Routes Of England. (1911). * Yorkshire. (1908). China. (1909). * Etc.Vd
212Postcards.Real Photo. Transportation. Etc.Vd
213Trade Catalogs.Door, Sash And Millwork.Vd
214Baum, L. Frank.(7) Volumes Of Oz Stories.Vd
215Transportation.Pope-Hartford Automobile Operating Manual. Model 131. (1913). * 1957 Connecticut Airport Directory.Vd
216New York.Charter Of The City.1805
217Trollope, Anthony.The Last Chronicle Of Barset. (2) Volumes. First Edition.1867
218Marryat, Capt.A Diary In America. (3) Volumes. Lacks One Map. Full Leather.1839
219Zabriskie, George A.Phantom Falls A Tale Of The Adirondacks. Full Leather Zabriskie Binding.
220Baum, L. Frank.(5) Volumes Of Oz Stories. One With The Dust Jacket.Vd
221Fothergill, John.An Account Of The Life And Travels In The Work Of The Ministry. Full Leather.1753
222BindingsDisraeli. Works. 20 volumes decorated leather bindings. Crown Edition. One of 999 numbered sets.1906
223Huxley & TyndallWorks. 12 volumes. Author's Edition. 1/1000 sets in 1/2 morocco.-1894
224BindingsReade, Charles. Works. 25 volumes. 1/1000 sets of the Edition De Luxe. 3/4 red morocco (a few covers detached).1900s
225PlatesArt Journal. Royal Gallery Series. 6 volumes. 4to, leather.1855-65
226Atlases5 folio atlases.1900-40
227BindingsDante. Divine Comedy. 6 volumes in 4to. 3/4 morocco by Riverside. 1 of 650 numbered large paper copies. (1 cover detached).1906
228Travel9 volumes Illustrated Travel. 4to pictorial bindings.1900s
229EngravingsThe Art Journal. 7 volumes. 4to with engraved plates.1850; 1866-73
230SetsFrank Norris. Works. 10 volumes. Argonaut edition. 1/245 numbered sets. Lacking the manuscript leaf.1928
231Leather BindingsWorks of Thackeray. 23 (of 24) volumes. 8vo full calf by Sangorski & Sutcliffe.1869-86
232BindingsWorks of O. Henry. 14 volumes in 3/4 calf by Stikeman.1920-26
233Leather setRobert Louis Stevenson Works. 10 volumes. 8vo, 3/4 red leather.1920s
234Bulwer-Lytton SetWorks. 23 (of ?) volumes. 8vo, leather-backed boards.1860s
235BindingsDisraeli. Works. 10 volumes. 8vo, 3/4 calf.Circa 1890s
236Piquet, Rudolph.Etching. Young Woman Holding A Small Flower.1891
237Scott, John.The Life Of The Rev. Thomas Scot D.D. 3/4 Leather. With A Print Of Rev. Thomas Scott.1822
238Fiske, John.The Dutch And Quaker Colonies In America. (2) Volumes. 1/250. Large Paper.1903
239Longfellow.The Poems Of. (6) Volumes. 3/4 Maroon Leather.1899
240Lyford, James O.History Of Concord New Hampshire. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.1896
241Dictionaries.Set Of (5) Miniatures. Midget Series. Full Leather.
242Desboutin, Marcellin Gilbert.Etching. Pope Pius IX.1878
243PostcardsMaritime. Ships.Vd
244Sandburg, Carl.AbrahamLincoln. (6) Volumes.1926
245Bartley, G.C.T.The Rhine. From Its Source To The Sea. Illustrated.1878
246Shakespeare.The Temple Set. (38) Volumes. Full Maroon Leather.1908
247Macopherson, Maria R.(2) Signed And Limited Prints. Chastity. Spring Fantasy.
248Finden, Edward.The Beauties Of Moore. 3/4 Leather.19th Century
249Stowe, Harriet Beecher.Women In Sacred History. Illustrated.1873
250Kingley, Charles.Novels. (5) Volumes. Full Maroon Leather.1881
251Irving, Washington.The Works Of. (14) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.1856
252Bibliothece Americana.A Description Of Works Relating To America Published Between The Years 1492 And 1551. 3/4 Leather.1866
253Lord Macaulay.The Miscellaneous Works Of. (5) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.1880
254Broadside.(7) Auction Broadsides.19th Century.
255Bible.Full Leather.1835
256Fine Press.(4) Limited Editions. William F. Buckley, Jr. * The Estivation Of Two Mao Zu. * Alexina Ogilvie. * T.S. Elliot.Vd
257Le Carre, John.Nervous Times. 1/250. Signed.1998
258Richardson, E.History Of Woonsocket. Signed.1876
259Harvard College.Class Of 1896. Secretary's Fourth Report. Full Maroon Leather with Gilt Embossing.Jun-11
260Smith.The Tin Trumpet. (2) Volumes.1836
261Ephemera.Billheads. Manuscript Account Sheets. Etc.19th Century.
262Bartlett, William S.The Beauties Of The Bosphorus. (4) Volumes.
263Oppenheimer, Michael.The Monuments Of Italy. (6) Volumes.2002
264Sabatini, Rafael.Volumes 1-15 (Of 34). 1/750 Signed In Fine Morocco.1924
265Borrow, George.The Romany Rye. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.1858
266Catalogue.The Avery Architectural Library. 3/4 Leather.1895
267Military.Ephemera.19th Century.
268Ephemera.Letters And Documents.19th Century.
269Menzel, Adolphe.Illustrations Des Oeuvres De Frederic Le Grand. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather.
270Dickens, Charles.The Pickwick Papers. 3/4 Leather.1866
271Wilson.A Missionary voyage To The Southern Pacific Ocean. 1795,1797,1798. Full Leather.1799
272Lescaut, Manoin.The Abbe Prevost. Full Leather.1841
273Juvencius, Josephus.Q Horarii Flacci Carmona Expurgata. Full Leather.1757
274Mignet, M.Histoire De Marie Stuart. (2) Volumes. Full Leather. Earl Of minto Amorial Binding.1854
275Wright, Rev. G.N.The Gallery Of Engravings. 3/4 Leather.
276Cartography.(7) Maps Of China.Vd
277Trade Catalogs.(4) Millwork.Vd
278Brossard, Ch.La France Du Nord. (5) Volumes.1900
279Milton, John.Paradise Lost. 6th Edition. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.1763
280Farrell, James T.Young Lonigan. With The Dust Jacket.1935
281Bridges, Fidelia.Familiar Birds. Color Plates.1886
282Weld, Isaac.Travels Through The states Of north America During 1795-97. (2) Volumes. With All (16) Maps.1799
283Skene, James.A Series Of Sketches Of The Existing Localities Alluded to In The Waverly Novels1829
284Aldiss, Brian W.(2) Volumes. The Magic Of The Past. * Cracken At Critical. 1/250. Signed. In a Slipcase.Vd
285Wood, H.F.The Passenger From Scotland Yard. First Edition.188
286Manuscript.Sleighride To Deerfield. Visit to Memorial Hall. Nelie A. Parker. Millers Falls.
287Burt, Henry M.The Wonders And Beauties Of Lake Memphremagog. With Map. Pamphlet.1873
288Civil War.New York In The War Of Rebellion 1861-65. (6) Volumes.1912
289Hood, J.B.Advance And Retreat. Personal Experiences In The United States And Confederate States.1880
290Barrie, J. M.My Lady Nicotine.1890
291Kemble, Frances Anne.Journal Of A Residence On A Georgian Plantation in 1838-39. First Edition.1863
292Hogarth, W.Beichnnngen. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.1840
293Botanical.(3) Volumes with Color Plates. The Horticultural Magazine. (1838). * The Botanic Garden. (2). (1835).Vd
295Dulac, Edmund.The Sleeping Beauty. Full Leather. 1/150.
296Easton Press.(9) Volumes. The Babe. * William Faulkner. * President James Buchanan. * The Eisenhower Diaries. * Etc.Vd
297New-Bedford.The Directory. Town Register. With A list Of Whale Ships.1838
298Nicander.Le Glaive Runique. 1/2 Leather.1846
299Henry, Matthew.An Account Of The Life And Death.1794
300Smith, Wm. H.Canadian Gazetteer. With The Map. Lacks Plates.1846
301Broadsides.(5). Century Magazine. * Industrial.. * Etc.Vd
302Limited Editions Club.(5) Volumes. Quovadis ? * The Poems Of Wittier. * The Warden. * Etc.Vd
303Architecture.(6) Bound Volumes Of The Architectural Review. 1914-16. * The Architectural Digest Volume 13 Number 1. * The Architecture Of Purcell And Elmslie.Vd
304Illustrated.(18) Volumes. Barry Moser Bible. * Edward Gorey. * Charles Addams. * Etc.Vd
305Burnett, Mrs. Francis Hodgson.Kathleen. A Love Story. signed.1878
306Salter, T.F.The Angler's Guide. 3/4 Leather.1823 All Lots Sold As Is

All items SOLD-AS-IS.Shelf sale at 3:00 pm and list sale at 6:30 pm.

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