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List Q - August 13, 2019  
Lot #Item Description
3Hunting Sketches.

4A Word Child. Signed. First UK Edition. In The Dust Jacket. ( 1975). * Bruno's Dream. Signed. In The Dust Jacket. (1970).

5Tales Of Fishing Virgin Seas. First Edition.

6House & Garbidge By Dewar & Unwin. (1962). * Vice Verse By Hill De. Illustrated By Howard Baer. ( 1930). * In The Light By Emma Tollemache. Signed. 1/250. (1948).

7Huntsman What Quarry ? Signed. 1/551. In A Slipcase.

8Olympia 1932. Los Angeles. German. * Olympia 1936. Berlin. German.

9Gift Books. (7) Volumes.
10The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Silver Anniversary Edition. In A Slipcase.
11Badger & Porter's. Stages, Steamboats And Canal Packets In The New England States And The State Of New York.
12(3) Pamphlets. Park's Edition. The Death Of Cock Robin. * A Collection Of Fables. * Book Of Animals.
13With Fly, Plug And Bait. Inscribed To Keith Fulsher And Signed By Bergman. In The Dust Jacket.

14(4) Volumes. Dreams In The Theatre. Designs Of Simon Lissim. Signed. (1976). * Exhibition Of Paintings. NYC. * The Runaway Soldier. (1946). * Yes And No Stories. (1946).

15Door Into The Dark. First U.S. Edition. In The Dust Jacket.
16An Atlas Of Classical Geography By William Hughes.

17A History Of The Pottery Industry.
18Ben Kutcher's Illustrated Edition Of A House Of Pomegranates. (1918). * Duineser Elegien By Rainer Maria Rilke. (1923).
19(3) Illustrated Volumes. The King Of The Golden River. * The Little Child's Book. (1830). * Nothing To Wear. (1857).
20(6) Volumes Illustrated By Maurice Sendak.
21Leaving Cheyenne. Signed. First Edition. In The Dust Jacket.

22(8) Volumes. Kate Greenaway.

23(11) Volumes.
24Exhibition Print. Framed.
25German. Manuscript.

26Trout. (2) Volumes. Signed. First Edition. In The Slipcase.

27(15) Volumes. Jakuchu. * Japonisme. * Shin Hanga. * Hiroshige.
28(7) Volumes. The Diverting History Of John Gilpin By Cowper. Illustrated by Ronald Searle. (1953). * For The Love Of God By Swanson & Beht. (2003). * A Bestiary. Illustrated By Alexander Calder. (1993).

29Historie Von Gronland. Volume 1 Of 2. 3/4 Leather.

30(5) Volumes. Limited Editions. Some Are Signed. Upland Tales. (1992). * Fishing In New England By Thompson. (1955). * John Tobias Sportsman By Cox. * Martha Doyle By Danielson. * George Harvy: Memories, Patterns And Tactic
31The Best Of The Angler's Club Bulletin 1920 - 1972. 1/1000.
32(9) Volumes. Christianity And Natural History. 19th Century.

33(7) Volumes. Print And Illustration Reference. Feodor Rojankovsky. (2014). * Russian Futurist. ( 1978). * Alphonse Mucha. * Mary Cassatt. *
34(4) volumes. Signed And Limited. Old Fishing Tackle And Tales By Munger. (1987). * A Modern Dry-Fly Guide By Marinaro. (1970) * A Discourse Utter'd In Part At Ammauskeeg-Falls In The Fishing-Season 1739. (1971).

35(50) Paperbacks.
36(23) Volumes. Some Are Signed. * With Fly, Plug, And Bait By Bergman. (1947). * On The Trout Stream With Joe Humphreys. * Caddisflies By LaFontaine. * An Anglers Album By Traub.

37(7) Volumes. Signed. Carolivia Herron. * Ian Reid. * Lloyd Jones. * Barry Maitland. * Maggi Lidchi. * Timothy Mo. * Marlon James.

38(8) Volumes. Lesley Glaister. * Brian Morton. * Ursula Hegi. * Anthony Weller. * Laura Dave. * Bill Clegg. * Yaa Gyasi. * Jayne Anne Phillips.
39The Fisher Boy. Inscribed To George Bird Grinnell.

40Reels And Lines Or Incidents Connected With A Fishing Party. Dedicated To Frank Hopwell.
41Alexander Hamilton Print. Signed By Cole. Framed.
42(4) Volumes. Daniel Defoe: A Journal Of The Plague Years. (1963). * The Call Of The Wild By London. ( 1960). * Nostromo By Conrad. ( 1961). * Hellas. (1969).

43(9) Volumes. A Two Cab Funeral By John Hough Jr. Signed. (1973). * George V. Higgins. * Ralph McInery. * Martha Grimes. * Ruth Rendell. * Walter Mosley.

44Counter Coup. Signed.

45Pennsylvania Imprint. Evans 9907.
46(30) Volumes. A Trout & Salmon Fisherman By Edward R. Hewitt. * Waters Of The Golden Trout Country By McDermand. * Hunting & Fishing In The Great Smokies By Gasque. * Red Smith On Fishing.
47Signed And Limited Sporting Print. Framed With Flys.
48(8) Signed Volumes. Elixir By Gary Braver. Signed. * Continent By Jim Crace. * Swimming Lessons By Rohinton Mistery. * The Changing Of America By Max Apple. * Madelieine Is Sleeping By Bynum. * Avenging Angel By Appiah. * Trash Sex Magic By Stevenson. * The Cage By Schulman.

49The Complete Angler. Ephemera Edition. Coigney 69.

50Little Rivers. A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness.
51Newspapers. Springfield, Pittsfield, Boston, New York. * Periodicals.
52Book And Manuscript. Railroad.
53(39) German Maps.
54(5) Volumes. Signed Or First Editions. Corelli's Mandolin By De Bernieres. * Midnight In The Garden By Berendt. * Girl With A Pearl Earring By Chevalier. * The Boys From Brazil By Levin. * The Eye Of The Needle By Follett.

55(4) Volumes. Signed. Murder In Mount Holly. My Other Life. The Lower River. The Great Railway Bazaar. The Folio Society. Page 345/346 Is Torn.

5620) Volumes. (2) Are Signed. When The Fish Are Rising By Fleming. * The Joys Of Trout By Gingrich. * No Hatch To Match By Osthoff. * Rivers Of Shadow, Rivers Of Sun By Zeigler.
57In Praise Of Wild Trout. Edited By Nick Lyons. Signed. 1/750.

58Colored Plates. Deluxe Binding.

59Dusklands. The Vietnam Project. 1/160. Signed.

60In Dust Jackets. (5) Volumes. Nineteen Eighty-Four By Orwell. * The Gertrude Stein First Reader. * Brewsie And Willie By Stein. * An Emily Dickinson Year Book. * In The Clearing By Frost.
61In Dust Jackets. (28) Volumes.
62(4) Volumes. First Editions. Portnoy's Complaint By Roth. * The Exorcist By Blatty. * Hotel By Hailey. * Airport By Hailey.
63(2) Volumes In (1). Le Diable Boiteux. Le Diable Bossu. Full Leather. With Gilt Embossed Spine.
64(12) Volumes. Salmon And Trout.
65Fishing Canada's Mountain Parks By James R. Butler & Roland M. Maw. 1/300. Signed. With Fly.
66(3) Volumes. French. Pinturicchio. * La Miniature En France. 3/4 Leather. * L'Inde Mysterieuse. 1/2 Leather.

67(2) Volumes. The Wheel Spins By White. * The Coming Of The Train. Hooaic Tunnel & Wilmington RR Co. volume 2 By Donelson. (7) Volumes On Cotton.
68An Autobiography. The Colored Evangelist.
69Red Rubber. The Story Of The Rubber Slave Trade. In The Congo 1906 By E.D. Morel.
70Girl With A Pearl Earring. Signed.

71The Tempest. Illustrated By Paul Woodroffe.

72(9) Volumes. All Are First Editions. In The Dust Jackets.

73Print. Lost Pool. Signed. 1/400.
74(8) Volumes. A.K.'s Fly Box. * Modern Midges. * La Fontaine's Legacy.
75The Law Relating To The Salmon Fisheries Of England And Wales By J.W. Willis Bund.

76(15) French Lithographs. Some Are Signed.

77(7) Volumes. George W. Bush. * Ralph Nader. * Jozef Tischner. * Bella Abzug. * John Kerry.

78(15) 17th Century Engravings. Some Americana By Bocquet. Mounted On Cloth.
79(6) Volumes. Bogdan. * The Lovely Reed.
80The Complete Angler. Izaak Walton & Charles Cotton. First Navarre Edition. Coigney 285.

81(2) Volumes. A Collection Of Poems, Mostly Original By Several Hands.
82(2) Volumes. Robinson Crusoe By De Foe. (1877). * Histore D'un Paysan 1789. (1869).

83Poems Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect. Volume 1 Only. Full Leather.
84(9) Volumes.Some Are Signed. Medbh McGuckian. * Glyn Maxwell.

85(10) Volumes. Whistle by James Jones. First Edition. (1978). * Vladimir Nabokov. * Joseph Conrad. * Thomas Hardy. * George Elliot.
86(200+). Local Mass. And U.S. A.
87Le Maitre Italien. Nouvelle Edition. 3/4 Leather. Gilt Embossed Spine.
88(3) Volumes. Le Theatre De Monsieur Baron By Boyron. Full Leather. Gilt Embossed Spine.
89Maps And Newspapers. The Evening Bulletin. The Northern Star.
90(15) Volumes. Hewitt's Handbook Of Fly Fishing By Mecum. * Quill Gordon By McDonald.
91Forest, Fish & Game Commission. State Of New York. Annual Reports 1904-06. With Color Plates.

92The Story About Ping. Kurt Wiese. First Edition. With The Dust Jacket.

93(2) Volumes. An Autobiography By Currer Bell. Bronte Tauchnitz Edition.
94(6) Signed Volumes. Chester Bowles. (1959). * George Herbert Bushnell. (1936). * John R. Mott. (1914) * Jerry Bruno. (1971). * Henry Morgenthau. (1918). * Hector Fuller. (1928).

95(5) Volumes. Hymns.
96Merchant And Ship Owner. Salem. Archive Of Manuscript Letters, Bills.
97(13) Volumes.
98Poems And Plays.
99L'Intrus. 1/131 Copies.

100(4) Volumes.
101Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. 1/2 Leather.

102(3) Lithographs. The Cad To The Man Wot Drives The Sovereign. * Epitaph On The Late Dr. Monsey. * The Cat Ass Parliament.

103(11) Volumes. The Complete Fly Tier By Cross. * Fly-Tying By Sturgis. * Tying Emergers By Schollmeyer.
104(2) Volumes. The American Salmon Fisherman. (1886). * Fly-Rods And Fly-Tackle. (1885).
105(6) Broadside's. * The Theatre (15) Issues. (13) Odd Periodicals. Some With Mounted Photographs.

106(21) Volumes.
107The Cyclopedia. Atlas Volume Only.

108(7) Volumes. Illustrated French Children's Books.

109Several Leaves In Fine Manuscript. Leather And Vellum.
110(4) Volumes. Battles And Leaders Of The Civil War.

111(3) Volumes. The Story Bible By Pearl S. Buck. Presentation Copy. (1971). * One Hundred Famous Founders By Meldrim Thomson, Jr. (1994). * Richard Linder By Sidney Tillim. Signed by Linder. (1962).

112(14) Volumes.
113(3) Volumes. Green Highlanders . Signed. (1971). * Some Silent Places Still.(1969). * Not Far From The River. (1967).

114(6) Volumes. The Owl And The Pussy Cat By Edward Lear. * The Cowslip. (18110. * Hop-O'My-Thumb By George Cruikshank.

115Printers Device.
116Characteristicks Of Men, Mamners, Opinions, Times. (3) volumes. Full Leather.

117Lewis Carroll's Alice Through The Looking Glass. Illustrated By Barry Moser. Signed.

118Mountains Of The Middle Kingdom.Signed.

119(7) Volumes. LeRoi Jones. * James Baldwin. * Langston Hughes. * Countee Cullen.

120The Life Of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton By His Wife Isabel Burton. (2) volumes.

121Chronicles Of America Series. (50) Volumes.
122The Beautiful Life Of Frances E. Willard By Anna A. Gordon.
123The Man In The Glass Booth. First American Edition. In The Dust Jacket.

124Abeokuta And The Camaroons Mountains An Exploration. (2) Volumes. Lacks The Frontis & Map. (1863). * The Romance Of Isabel Lady Burton By W. H. Wilkins. (1916).

125(15) Volumes. Some Are Signed.
126Streamer Fly Tying And Fishing by Joseph D. Bates, Jr. Inscribed To Jean Paul Dube. Signed By Bates And Milton C. Weiler. First Edition. In The Dust Jacket.
127The Genealogy And History Of The Family Of Williams By Stephen W. Williams.
128Truly Valuable Receipts In Various Branches Of Domestic Economy.
129Forest, Fish And Game Commission. State Of New York Reports. With Color Plates.
130The Hudson-Fulton Celebration 1909. (2) Volumes. Complimentary Copy From Sen. F.D.R.
131(2) Volumes. Jennings Landscape Annual Or Tourist In Spain For 1883 And 1835.
132English Gothic Architecture.

133Journal Of The Discovery Of The Source Of The Nile.
134Woodbridge's School Atlas. With Colored Maps.

135Mark Twain's Letters. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. (1917). * The Poetical Works Of Lord Byron. Full Blue Leather. (1904).
136(12) Volumes. Springer Spaniel. * Greyhound Racing. * Gun Dogs & Bird Guns.
137Manuscript Of The Official Recommendation For Use Of The Metallic Life Preserver By The U.S. Army..
138Illustrated Booklet. Allen & Ginter Tobacco.

139(3) Volumes. Popular British Conchology By Sowerby. Color Plates. (1854). * A Sea-Side By Gosse. Color Plates. (1856). * Nineveh And Its Remains By Layard. (1849).

140Little Black Sambo By Helen Bannerman. Illustrated By Fern Bisel Peat.
141(11) Volumes. Salmon And Trout.
142(9) Volumes. Partridge. * Pheasant.
143Ephemera Archive Of Dept. Of Agriculture In The Philippines. * Diplomas * Medal.

144Houses & Gardens.

145Yosemite And The Range Of Light. Signed.
146(11) Signed Volumes. The Bell By Iris Murdoch. (1958).

147Thoughts On Hunting. Illustrated By G. Denholm Armour.

148(4) Volumes. The Potiphar Papers. (1853). * Max & Maurice. (1871). * The Pipits. (1872). * The Foreign Tour Of Messrs. Brown, Jones, And Robinson. (1855).
149From Sail To Sail. The Story Of Antonio Jacobsen, Marine Artist By ASnita Jacobsen. 1/1000. Signed.
150Building Footprints. A Selection On Ground-Plans Drawn To The Same Scale.

151WWII. Springfield. Mass.

152(5) Volumes. Doc Blakesley Angler. (1949). * Dud Dean And His Country. (1946). * Under A Willow Tree. ( 1946). * Where Flowa The Kennebec. ( 1947).
153A Trip To Mars.
154Kelly's New System Of Universal Geography. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.

155Historie De Charles XII. With Faujas Du Fond Bookplate. Full Leather.
156(2) Volumes. My Life By Bill Clinton. & This Fight Is Our Fight by Elizabeth Warren.

157(15) Volumes.
158(150+) Issues. Marvel. * Dell. * Dc. * Kitchen Sink. * Eros Graphic Albums.
159(4) Volumes. Premier And Amwell Signed Limited Editions.

160Miracle On 34th Street. 1st Edition. 1st Printing. In The Dust Jacket.
161Frank W. Benson Master Of The Sporting Print. 1/1000. Signed.
162(11) Volumes. Includes First Blues Record. * The Folk song Magazine (5) Issues.

163(3) Volumes. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Illustrated By Peter Newell. (1901). * The Lost Princess Of Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill. 1917). * The Pleasure Of Hope. (1835).
164(2) Volumes. Matthew, Mark, Luke And John By Pearl S. Buck. (1966). * Lord Jim By Joseph Conrad. Signed By Lynd Ward. (1959).

165L'Exode Et Le Levitique. Desprez Bible. Exodus Volumes. Full Leather.
166(8) Volumes. The Seven Seas By Kipling. (1896). * Bible. (1853). * Louisa May Alcott Her Life, Letters And Journals. (1890).
167The Writing Of The Walls.
168Les Saisons Poeme. Full Leather.
169The History Of Our country. Parts 1 - 72.
170(19) Volumes. Uniform Binding.
171The War Of The Nations. Portfolio In Rotogravure Etchings.

172Spring Creek Print. Signed And Limited. Framed.

173(7) Volumes. Riverside Rambles By Fraser. ( 1895). * By Loch & Stream By Bridgett, * A Scottish Fly-Fisher By Leitch. (1911).
174Rising Up And Down. First Edition. (7) Volumes. In A Slipcase.
175Stimson Memorial Chapel. Presentation Copy. With A Original Watercolor.

176Sotheby's Auction Catalog. (3) Volumes. In A Slipcase.

177Histoire Des Temples. (2) Volumes In (1). Full Leather.
178(10) Volumes.Kate Greenaway. * Wonderful Animals. With Color Plates. * Raggedy Ann's Fairy Stories. (1928).

179(9) Volumes. William O. Douglas. My Wilderness. (1961). Dabbitse By Chiange Yee. (1955). * The Enchanted Island Of Yew By L. Frank Baum. (1903).
180(6) Volumes.
181The Wapshot Chronicle. Signed. First Edition. In The Dust Jacket.

182Three Songs For St. Cecilia's Day. 1/250.

183De La Grossesse Et Accovchement Des Femmes. Full Vellum.
184(10) Volumes. Pheasant. * Grouse. * Eastern Upland Shooting.
185Favorite Flies And Their Histories.

186Les Confessions De Saint Augustin. Full Leather.
187Harper's Weekly. (50) Issues. In A Harper's Weekly Binder.
188(5) Volumes. The Princess Of Cleves. * Memories Madam Hausset. * Le Comte De Saint-Florentin. * La Veilee De Novembre. * Satyres.

189(4) Volumes. La Sainte Bible. * Roman Comique. * Lettres De Henri-Marie Boudon. * Recherches Sur Les Maladies Chroniques. All Are In Full Leather.
190(7) Signed Volumes. The Beautiful Changes. * Ceremony. * The Mind-Reader.

191Brown Trout And Light Cahills. Signed And Limited Print. Framed.
192(3) Volumes. The Banks Of New York By Gibbons. (1859). * New York Dissected By Walt Whitman. First Edition. Limited. (1936). * New York Nights By Stephen Graham. (1927).
193Postage And First Day Covers.
194(20) Volumes. South African.
195(2) Volumes. Full Leather.
196(6) Volumes.
197(12) Volumes. Browning. * Double Shotgun. * Eldon Qwens.
198(4) Volumes. 1/2 Leather.

199(3) Volumes. For Whom The Bell Tolls. (1940). * Images From The Arab World. (1944). * The Great White South By Ponting. ( 1923).
200(5) Volumes With Autographs. Herbert H. Lehman. Governor Of New York. (1933).
201(8) Volumes.
202(12) Volumes.
203(6) Volumes. The Pharacopoeia Of The USA. (1828). * Emily Dickinson. * Doctor Carlin's Recipes. (1881). * Gazetteer Of Mass. (1874 & 1890). *

204The Complete Angler By Walton & Cotton. (2) Volumes. !st Lowell Edition. 1/500.
205(4) Volumes. Italian Highways And Byways From A Motor Car By McManus. (1909). * The Italian Lakes. (1908). * Northern Italian Details. (1922). * More Small Italian Villas And Houses By Lowell. ( 1920).
206You Have Seen Their Faces By Caldwell And Margaret Bourke-White.
207(5) Volumes. The History Of Plymouth Church By Thompson. * Poems By Stockton. ( 1862). Panama Expedition. (1875).
208(9) Volumes. American Church Building. (1929). * Freench Cathedral Windows. (1939). * Examples From Ancient Masonry.
209Fishing River Print. Signed. 1/300. Framed.
210Angling In British Art. With Color Plates. In A Slipcase.

211(6) Volumes. The Lay Of The Last Minstrel By Walter Scott. Full Leather. (1807). * A Moveable Feast By Hemingway. * The Enemy By Channing Pollock. Signed And Limited. (1925). Oscar Wilds: Three Times Tried.
212(30) Issues. The International Journal Of Oriental Carpets And Textiles.
213(12) Volumes. Godey's Lady's Book. * Peterson's Magazine.
214(3) Volumes. Chaque Homme Dans Sa Nuit by Julien Green. * De Streuvels By Stijn Streuvels. * Toen Ons-Lieve-Vrouwke Heuren Beeweg Deed By Ernest Claes.
215Propaganda Leaflet In Russian. * Adolf Hitler Cigarette Card Album.
216State Quarters Proof Sets (25).
217(2) volumes. The Overthrow Of American Slavery By William G. Quel. ( 1885). * The Experience Of. Rev. Thomas H. Jones, Who Was a Slave. (1880).
218The American Universal Geography. (6) Volumes. Full Leather.
219Art Reference. (4) Volumes. A.B. Frost. * Carl Rungius. * Ogden M. Pleissner.

220Aventuras De Gil Blas De Santillana. (7) Volumes. Full Leather.

221(11) Volumes.
222(9) Volumes. British Trout And Salmon.
223(24) Volumes. Periodicals. Contrast. * The Bloody Horse. * Staffrider. * Africa South.
224(4) Volumes.Tapestries Reference. The Practical Book Of Tapestries . (1925). * Origin, History And Renaissance. (1912).
225(6) Volumes. Mein Kampf. * Der Seig In Polen. Deutfches Grenzland. (1935). * Der Sig Im Norden By Heiss. (1943).Die Strase. (1935). * Atlas.

226(6) Volumes. Jean Cocteau. * Joseph Hemard. * Vingt-Duex Artistes Du Livre. Pierre Mornand.

227(6) Volumes. King Queen Knave. * Poems. * The Nabokovian.
228(20) Volumes. Children's Picture Books.

229(12) Volumes. All In The Dust Jackets.
230(13) Volumes. Trout. * Fly Dresser's Guide By Veniard.
231(3) Volumes. Lazy Liza Lizard By Rains. (1938). * The Mighty Children Fix Things By Naura. ( 1946). * Elson-Runkel Method Flash Cards.
232Oeuvres De Madame Et De Mademoiselle Deshouliers. (2) Volumes. Full Leather.
233(2) Volumes. First Editions. The Dong With A Lumonous Nose. (1969). * The Jumblies. (1969).
234Map Of Jerusalem. Large And Framed..
235(4) Volumes. The Fishing Tourist By Charles Hallock. NY. (1873). * American Fish-Culture By Norris. Philadelphia. (1868). * The Quananiche By Chambers. NY. (1896).
236Through The Looking Glass. Riviere Binding. Full Red Leather With Gilt Embossing.

237(5) Volumes. Printing. * Typographica.

238(11) Volumes. Hardy Reels. * The Bird Decoy. * Sporting Guns.
239(10) Volumes. Facsimile Editions. Some Are Derrydale Press.
240The Discovery Of America. And The Origin Of North American Indians. Full Leather.
241Weltchronif. Gesamtausgabe Im Originalformat Von 1493. 1/150 Copies.

242Bible Verve Lithograph.
243The New South. Signed By Adlai Stevenson.
244(5) Volumes. The Book Of Fish And Fishing. (1908). * The Speckled Brook Trout. (1902). * The Basses. (1905).
245With A Secretarial Signature. Framed.
246Concilii Tridentini.
247(11) Volumes.
248(5) Volumes. Better Trout Streams By Hewitt. (1931). * Telling On The Trout. (1930). * Secrets Of The Salmon. (1925). The Evolution Of Trout Firhing In America. (1928).
249Les Petits Solitaires. (3) Volumes. Full Leather.
250Images Of The California Indians. Dissertation For Doctor Of Philosophy.

251Pawnee Hero Stories And Folk Tales. With Notes By George Bird Grinnell.
252Collections For The Year 1792.
253Dictionnaire De La Langue Des Cris By Le Rev. Pere Alb. Lacombe. 2 Volumes In 1.
254La Ninfomania Osia Il Furore Uternio.
255Life Of Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak Or Black Hawk. Dictated By Himself. Lacks The Portrait. 3/4 Leather.
256(26) Volumes. Resettlement By Demarest. * Liberian Odyssy. * The Negro In America. * The Challenge Of The Klan. * Racial Hygiene. * Light In The Dark Belt. * Negroes In The United States.
257(4) volumes. A Wonder Book And Tanglewood Tales. Maxfield Parrish. * At The Back Of The North Wina. Jessie Willcox Smith. * Robin Hood. Howard Pyle.
258Boots And Saddles Or Life In Dakota With General Custer.
259Forty Years Among The Indians.
260Harvard College Library Catalogue Of Books And Manuscripts. French 16th Century Books. (2) Volumes.
261(15) Volumes. Roderick L. Haig-Brown. * Dorthy Noyes Arms. * Joseph D. Bates, Jr. * William J. Schaldack.
262The Indians Of The Housatonic And Naugatuck Valleys.
263The Works Of. The Native Races. (5) Volumes. Full Leather.
264Catalogs And Ephemera.
265British Trout And Salmon. (9) Volumes.
266Mad's Greatest Artist. The Completely Mad Don Martin. (2) Volumes In A Slipcase.

267Algonquin Indian Tales. Collected By Egerton R. Young. Beaded Leather Cover.

268A History Of The Indian Wars In The Country Bordering Connecticut River.
269A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Books Printed In The Fifteenth Century. (1460-1500). In The Library Of Henry Walters. Full Leather.

270Jazz. Factory Sealed in The Original Box.
271George C. Marshall. * William O. Douglas. * Abe Ribicoff. * Justice Arthur J. Goldberg. * Secretaries Of Labor.

272The Japanese Print. An Interpretation. In A Slipcase.
273Manifesto. Preface To A Career. 1/1100.

274Geistige Vater Des Abendlandes.
275(8) Volumes In Dust Jackets. Doris Lessing. * Erich Maria Remarque. * Wilson MacDonald. * H.G. Wells. * W. Somerset Maugham. * Tennessee Williams. * Stevie Smith.
276(8) Volumes. Peter Magubane. * Nishi F. Salmaru. * David Luri. * Trevor Appleson. * Anthony P. Mezoian. * David Goldblatt.
277(6) Volumes. The Golden Cockerel Press. * A Faulkner Collector's Notebook. * Robert Frost & His Printers. * Shakespeare's Plays In Quarto.
278Plays In Quarto. A Facsmilie Edition Of Copies Primarily From The Henry E. Huntington Library. In A Slipcase.
279Treaties With The Indian Tribes 1778-1883.
280The American Indian In The United States. Period 1850-1914.

281Harper's New Monthly Magazine. * The Atlantic Monthly. Several Hundred Issues.

282(8) volumes. An Angler's Entomology By Harris. * Nymphs. * Caddisflies.
283Howard Pyle. His Life His Work. (2) Volumes.
284The golden Age. Masterworks From The Golden Age Of Illustration. (3) Volumes.
285(8) Volumes. The Rarest Books In The English Language by Collier. (1866). * Dated Greek Manuscripts. (1972). Bibliotheca corviniana. (1967).

286My Life On The Plains.

287Wau-Bun, The Early Day.
288In The Ojibway Country. A Story Of Early Missions On The Minnesota Frontier.
289The Golfing Pilgrim On Many Links.
290(9) Volumes. The Art Of Angling. * American Trout fishing. * Guide To Salmon Flies. * The Way Of A Trout With A Fly. * Wes Jordan. Profile Of A Rodmaker.

291(3) signed Volumes. Tying American Trout Lures By Reuben R. Cross. ( 1936). * The Dettes A Catskill Legend By Eric Leiser. (1992). * Upstream. Fly Fishing In The American West.
292Narrative Of The Indian Wars In New England 1607 To 1677. 3/4 Leather.
293A History Of The United States Before The Revolution. Full Leather.
294Personal Memoirs Of A Residence Of Thirty Years With The Indian Tribes On THe American Frontiers. 1812-1842.
295(11) Volumes. The Aldine Press. * Perelote. * Chanticleer. * Bookbinding. * Early Editions Of Ronsard.
296Grand Tour Diary.
297Sewing Dept. The H.O.B. Mfg. Co. Blank. Full Leather.

298(5) Volumes. Palmistry. * Fortune Telling. * Hypnotism.
299New Familiar Abenakis And English Dialogues. Full Leather.
300Wigwam And War-Path; Or The Royal Chief In Chains.
301Du Roi Matthais Corvin. 3/4 Leather.
302The American Indians.
303(13) Volumes. Handbook Of North American Indians.
304(2) Copies. Building Stories. First Edition. All Lots Sold As Is

All items SOLD-AS-IS.Shelf sale at 3:00 pm and list sale at 6:30 pm.

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