June 25th at 5:00 pm & 6:30 for Early bird.

June 25th at 6:30 pm for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.

Preview Tuesday 3 pm – 6:30 pm for main auction.

If you would like to leave a bid on any lots in this antique auction, please email office@nebookauctions.com or call 413-665-3253

Full List For the Auction: Click here for PDF of June Antique Sale

At 5:00 pm is the Early Bird auction of the first 50+ lots of the listing.
Early Bird Lots 1-59 Listed at end (Sold at 3 pm)
60Silver; sterling footed 9&3/4 inch bowl 1896 Yanticaw Gun Club

60ABuckle; silver Mexico
60BJewelry; silver pin, Mexico
60CJewelry; silver pendant marked 925
60DJewelry; silver bracelet, marked R
60EJewelry; pin in shape of floral basket



61Silver; sterling Poole box, St Bernard's Horse Show 1956
62Silver; sterling cigarette case, Reeves & Browne

63Silver; sterling pair 14 inch candlesticks
64Currency; U.S. silver certificates, (5) one dollar bills
64ACurrency; U.S. ten cents fractional currency

65Art; Baker, harry Brown. Watercolor cowboy gambler,
66Coin; 1887 silver dollar

67Coin; 1890 silver dollar

68Coins; assorted U.S. Eisenhower dollars, dimes, etc.
69Silver; sterling Gorham 5&3/4" bowl
70Sampler; unframed 8" by 8" Barbara Whitford 19th century

71Art glass; white opaque exterior gold interior 16 pieces
71ASilver; sterling (1) 6" bowl, (2) 3&1/2" bowls

72Art; O K Shteyn, Shimon. Oil on canvas street scene F-22" by 25"
73Silver; sterling, (2) berry spoons
74Silver; sterling tongs (2), one marked Tiffany
75Silver; sterling, (11) butter knives, J. Wise & Co.
76Silver; sterling (5) open salts, (6) salt spoons
77Silver; sterling 6" bud vase, 8" candlestick, 3" candlestick
78Cloisonné; (7) cups
79Cloisonné; (7) 2&1/2 inch sauce bowls
80Pistol flintlock

81Cloisonné box, 5&1/2" by 3" by 3"
82Hermes "Parrot" scarf with box
83Silver; sterling sipping spoons, tongs, pipe cleaner, etc.
84Silver; sterling Reed & Barton French Renaissance forks

85Jewelry; sterling silver necklace with violet glass settings

86Jewelry; cameo white & caramel

87Jewelry; black cameo marked Diana on back

88Jewelry' sterling ring marked Denmark
89Jewelry; earrings- clip on & pierce, stick pins
90Jewelry; pendants
91Jewelry; (2) 14K rings
92Jewelry; (2) 14K rings
93Jewelry; 14K ring & 14K pendant
94Jewelry; (2) sterling ring amethyst glass settings
95Jewelry; (3) sterling rings
96Jewelry (3) sterling rings
97Marble; bust of woman, H-15 inches, w-13&1/2 inches Italian
98Furniture; Ottoman inlaid upholster bench H-14", L-44" W-22"

99Furniture; Ottoman inlaid upholster bench H-14", L-44" W-22"

100Art; painting with geometric figures of child & cow F-42" by 50"

101Silver; sterling (10) assorted pieces of flatware
102Tiffany; pair of shakers H-2&3/4"
103Silver; sterling 5&1/2 trophy. (4) salt shakers
104Silver; sterling salts with cobalt glass inserts, marked T & Co. England
105Silver; sterling 5&1/2" bowl, 7" Muffineer
106Stamp; Scott #239 uncirculated
107Fashion; Wolf Model Form Co, collapsible # 18
108Guitar; Guild acrostic with carrying case
109Music; Balalaika
110Art; Swasky, David. oil on canvas portrait young woman 33&1/2" by 38"

111Wood sculpture two people embraced height 53 inches

112Furniture drop leaf mahogany sewing stand with several drawers
113Russian lacquer box; L-7&1/4", W-3&1/2", H-2&1/4"

114Brass; opium weights, scale & holding box in shape of a man
115Cloisonné dragon jar with cover & stand
116Cloisonné; duck, plate, jars & dragon box
117Ethnic dolls

118Bronze prayer wheel

119Taxco sterling silver box with mosaic cover, 1&1/4" diameter

120Art; Bayliss, Wyke. Oil on canvas interior of cathedral with vicar on bench

121Gillette brass shaving kit in case
122Flatware; misc. dessert serving pieces, etc. some sterling
123Enameled lined jar with floral carved exterior
124Chinese pottery actor figures (6)
125Furniture; tall clock marked F. Bloem Uxbridge 1980

126Art; Claudel, Paul lithograph unframed
127Wood carving of woman signed Lesper

128Wood carving of woman signed M
129Furniture; oak commode
130Furniture; 2 over 2 drawer oak chest with mirror, applied carving101411
131Art; signed bottom rt. Oil on canvas barn with cows grazing on hill

132Cups/saucers; (14) assorted bone china & others
133Stamps; White Ace Historical Republic of Palau & Micronesia albums
134Stamps; albums Globe albums I & II
135Stamps; revenue, German Postal History, Misc.
136Oriental; rug 4 feet by 6 feet 8 inches
137Furniture; Arts & Crafts flat oak desk
138African beadwork neck and head pieces

139Furniture; Baker Mahogany spade foot buffet L-59", D-20", H-36"

140Art; 19th cen. portrait oil painting on canvas oval frame 27&1/2" BY 31&1/2"

141Music; inside label Opus Praecipuea Artis

142basket; H-10" diameter 16"

143Furniture; tiptop table with tripod snake feet base
144Photographs; (13) 19th cent. Daguerreotypes
145Misc. pierce spoon with musicians, silver box
145AStatue; H-5", musician
146Silver figural candle stick, h-6 inches
147Jewelry; necklaces

147AJewelry; necklaces pearl style
148Jewelry; bracelets, assorted
149Furniture; contemporary 3 drawer chest H-33", top-33&1/2" by 17"
149ATrunk; Keith & graves greenfield leather with brass tacks
150Trunk; dome top wood with tooled leather covering dated 1763

151Art; Bornstein, Mollie. Oil on canvas women walking F-37&1/2" by 23&1/2"

152Art; sculpture wood bust head raised on cube stand
153Ceramic bowls, 18" & 22&1/2"
154Ceramic bowls, 17" ^ 16&1/2"
155Furniture; china cabinet H-60" W-42"
156Art; Clegg, Ernest. Watercolor landscape with house, F-21" by 17&1/2"

157Gong on stand with striker
158Photography; photo album with tin types, cabinet cards
158APhoto album; Livingston, Whitaker, others
159Photo album; Cole, Noble, Whitaker, other families
160Furniture; round 26 inch table with drawers & pullout shelf

162Porcelain; Royal Doulton figurines, B&G figure, Lenox
163Misc.; Chinese mud figures, wall plaque, D. Andrevil carving
164Art; Chinese black/white group of men gathering looking in same direction

165Furniture; display cabinet, H-74" W-25"
166Furniture; Arts & Crafts open shelves H-26&1/2" top-26" by 14"
167Postcards; (2) albums, mostly European
168Ephemera; WWII Japanese currency, photos, cards, etc.
169Silver; sterling (2) matching bowls, J. E. Caldwell & Co.

170Furniture; tavern table with drawer & turned legs, H25&1/2" W-40&3/4"
171Furniture; Hale sectional bookcase, 4 glass front sections, 34&1/2"X14"X68"
172Furniture; Hale sectional bookcase, 4 glass front sections, 34&1/2"X14"X68"
173Furniture; Hale sectional bookcase, 4 glass front sections, 34&1/2"X14"X68"
174Art; Sin, Henry. Lithograph F-21" by 21"

175Furniture; carved round stand with serpent head feet

176Furniture; splint seat child's chair, slat back rocking chair
177Rug; room size floral pink
178Rug; oriental room size
179Silver; sterling (7) s&p shakers, (3) pewter shakers
180Chinese pottery figures (10)
181Borghese; black bust of woman
182Elephants; pair metal
183Sterling turned hollow holder, pencil
184Flatware; misc. pieces
185Brass horse head bottle opener, sterling spoon, Geo. Wastenholom knives
186Misc.; brass push-up candle sticks, toby mug, pitchers
187Flatware; carving forks & knives, sharpener
188Misc.; boxes, brass, cloisonné, trays, etc.
189Glassware; (24) pieces gold band
190Toys; small metal & porcelain animals
191Carving set, boning scissors, misc.
192Furniture; open bookcase with adjustable shelves
192AFireplace brass handle tongs, ash shovel
193Brass bedwarmer with wooden handle
194Hearth; Camp/ship iron stove with wooden handle

195Fireplace iron trivet with long handle
196Fireplace; tin oven with iron spit
197Furniture; banister back arm chair with rush seat
198Furniture; Queen Anne style chair with rush seat
199Statue height 34 inches
200Lighting Arts & Crafts style lamp, 14&1/4" shade
201Scroll & (2) mirrored fabric wall hangings with wood support
202Furniture; Pembroke 1 drawer table square legs
202AFurniture; upholstered chair
203Furniture; sofa
204Art; oil on canvas people, signed lower right

205Silver; sterling cigarette case marked Asati
206Silver; sterling tea strainer, napkin ring, spoons
206APerfume atomizer
207Cloisonné jars, bird, pipe, misc.
208Marionette, 20&1/2" wooden statue
209South African ceremonial dolls, woven basket
209ARussian oval lacquer box
210Porcelain; mustache cup, child's mug, jar, vase
211Furniture; rocking chair with rush seat
212Stamps; airmail Scott C7. C8, C9
212AStamps; special delivery Scott CE2

212BPostal History Journals, Philatelic Exhibitor
213Stamps; railroad 2 albums
214Silver plate; (4) matching 12" candlesticks with grape vines around base
215Silver plate; (36) pieces Rogers & Son in box

216Music; guitar zither

217Netsukes, scull of a procession, chop mark stamp
218Folio; large lot prints & drawings
219Jewelry; misc. necklaces, pendants, etc.
220Fire King gold band glassware- devil egg tray, bowls, plates
221Furniture; contemporary chest, H-32". Top 50" by 20"
222Art; Kaeselau, Charles Anton. Watercolor landscape F- 29&1/2" by 23&1/2"
223Furniture; set 6 can seat, hip rest chairs
224Silver plate Community flatware 50 pieces, 40 pieces matching flatware
225Porcelain; assorted gold band white plates, cups, etc.
226Furniture; mahogany buffet
227Silver; sterling, Sanborn Mexico ladle, (4) matching forks
228Silver; marked sterling handle punch bowl ladle
229Art; Gasser, Henry. Western vista F-14&1/2" by 12&1/4"
230Glassware; carnival glass pitchers, cut glass, etc.
231Art; oil on board buildings along rail line F-20" by 13&1/2"
232Photography; gutta-percha case with portraits
233Pitcher & Bowl chamber set (5) pieces
234Cloisonné; salts & peppers, vases, etc.
235Glassware; inkwell, green stemware, crackle glass, etc.
236Mason's china, Noritake, etc.
237Art; (3) portraits engravings
238Vase; 12 inch Japanese with Geishas
239Lighting; floral leaded glass lamp shade, H-9", dia. 9"
240Lighting; floral leaded glass shade, H-10", dia. 18&1/2"
240AArt; Gifford, R. Swain. Dockside F-10" by 12"

241Lincoln; 4/15/65 framed N.Y. Herald, Gettysburg Address, portrait Burbank
242Art; Evans, Henry botanical print, bird print
243Furniture; mahogany secretary desk
244Furniture; oak china cabinet with leaded glass & mirror back
245Statue; dog with paw on turtle, wooden base 6&1/4"
246Silver; sterling weighted candlesticks (2)
247Currency; U.S. silver certificates, 1,2 & 5 dollar bills, Confederate bills
248Coins; U.S. half dollars, Liberty standing, Kennedy, Ben Franklin
249Coins; U.S. quarters- Barber, Washington, dimes- Mercury, Roosevelt
250Coins; U.S. nickels-Liberty Head, Jefferson, Buffalo
250ACoins; U.S. Indian head cents
251Coins; U.S. 1943 steel cents
252Coins; Lincoln cents, several partial filled albums (12)
253Coins; Lincoln cents, 1940's
254Coins; Lincoln cents 1950's
255Coins; U.S. 1920's, 1930's pennies
256Coins; U.S., 1970's, 1980's, 1990'S etc.
256ACoins; (4) Roman from Britain?

256BCoins; misc. U.S., foreign, etc.
257Coins; U.S. proof sets & misc.
258Coins; misc. loose, novelty coins, etc.
259Art; wooden woman's torso H-42 inches
260Art; mixed media collages framed
261Art; woman's wood torso, H-19 inches
262Ceramics; (3) bowls- two with lids
263Ceramics; misc. plates, platters
264Ceramics; (10) pieces bowls, vases, etc.
265Ceramics; (12) pieces pitcher, plates, bowls
266Ceramics; (6) pieces platters, bowls, vase
267Ceramics ball theme sculptures
267ASculpture; wooden ball theme
268Ceramics; (14) bowls, vases, etc.
269Ceramics; (7) Mar-Crest bowls, misc.
270Art; mix medium portraits (3) & wooden figure
271Ceramic sculptures
272Coffee grinder, cherry burl bowl
273Bookends; (3) pair
274Misc., minerals, ceramic houses, vase
275Art; Bornstein, Mollie. mix medium painting
276Art; Bornstein, Mollie. mix medium painting
277Art; Bornstein, Mollie, mix medium painting
278Art; Bornstein, Mollie, mix medium painting
279Art; Bornstein, Mollie. mix medium painting
280Jewelry; misc. necklaces
281Jewelry; watches, earrings, bracelets
282Star Wars; Tauntaun with rider
283Star Wars; (12) unopened figures- Power of Jedi, Power of Force
284Star Wars; (12) unopened figures-Micro Machines, Troopers, etc.
285Star wars; misc. Star Destroyer, Kabe, Jabba, etc.
286Star Wars; large lot of misc. loose figures
287Misc.; Lord of the Rings figures, boomerangs, chest set, Star Wars flash photo
288China; Johnson Bros. Friendly Village
289Misc.; canton bowl, plate, chocolate pot, Napoleon figure, etc.
292Plates; collector city, states, etc.
294Jewelry; misc. pieces- necklaces, watch, bracelet, etc.
295Art; misc. prints
296Ceramics; misc. cups, etc.
297Art; Bornstein, Mollie "The Last Parade"
298Art; Sessions, G. "Immediately Following"
299Misc.; James Kombo pottery, puzzle ball & stand
300Blow gun
1Art; pastel road in the woods signed, print man on knees
1AArt; (4) car prints, print paradise, Harper oil on canvas
1BArt; Bornstein, Mollie. mixed medium painting
1CArt; Bornstein, Mollie. mixed medium painting
1DArt; Bornstein, Mollie. Mixed medium painting
1EArt; Art; Ciampa, D.M. 5/90 Descension V
1FArt; Lewitt. Wall drawing poster
1GArt; Bornstein, Mollie. Mixed medium painting
2Ephemera; tool books, slide rule
3Ephemera; 1940 Mt Holyoke College scrapbook, 1904 Girl's scrapbook
4Photo album; (5) Germany 1920's, U.S. 1950's
4AWooden picture holding frame stand
5Poster holding stand with (23) 30: by 38" sleeves for posters
6WWII; Allies of the war, framed fabric
6AFurniture; small buffet
7Theatre; print & plans for Roxor Theatre, Chicopee, MA
8Metal bird cage on metal stand
8ATypewriter; Facit with carrying case
9Ephemera; scrapbooks, trade cards, newspaper clippings, holiday cards, etc.
10Metal ware; pewter & brass candlesticks, candle snuffer. Etc.
11Ephemera; game of Authors, Touring, Household Authors, etc.
12China; plates, bowls, cups, etc.
13Chinese pottery figurines
14Prints & photographs; large unframed lot
15Ironing board, wooden folding
15AIroning board, wooden folding
15BIroning board, wooden folding
15CIroning board, wooden folding
15DIroning board, wooden folding
16Furniture; (5) Fitz & Co. metal folding chairs with upholstered seat & back
17Furniture; (2) red painted print holding stands
18Purse, leather
18ARug, hooked
19Boxes; small wooden
20Tools; metal red tool box with contents
21Tools; metal green Park tool box with contents
22Whiting Davis hand purse
23Sculpture; multi-layer rubber head
23AArt; framed scenic yarn work, painting on canvas
24Oil lamps
25Silver plate; trays, coffee pot, pewter teapot, etc.
26Glassware; stemware, plates, etc.
27Misc.; cups, saucers, plates
28Misc.; cups, saucers, plates
28ASilver plate flatware
28BSilver plate; trays, etc.
29Tools; plumb bob, rule, caliper, folding rule
30Glassware, porcelain, milk glass, figurines, etc.
31Tools; timing light, popcorn popper, Delpjos can
31APrints; Highlander, child, (2) crystal lamps
31BPottery; 15&1/2 inch blue planter
32Coffin, child's
33Military photo; Hq. Co. 18th A.I.B.
34Furniture; open bookcase
35Tools; Total trolley handcart
36Furniture; 3 drawer paint decorated chest H-26" top-20" by 23&1/2"
37Art; Chinese black/white bamboo
38Art; framed fabric musician with others
39Games; military strategy games
40Garden seats; (2) blue/white ceramic
41Glassware; large lot clear stemware & misc.
42Misc., figurines, shell, etc.
43Drake metal folding stands
44Scotch reel to reel tapes
45Art; large nude on board, F-39" by 37&3/4"
46Misc. figurines
46AFurniture; two chairs
47Mirror, large
48Furniture; bed, Victorian high headboard, walnut
48AMisc.; elephant, assorted eggs, etc.
49Photograph equipment
50Records, 33 rpm
50AMisc. glass door knobs, lamp parts, Hummel music boxes, etc.
50BChina; Copeland, Limoges, etc.
50CMisc.; tin signs, steins, beer tray, etc.
50DEphemera; posters, maps, etc.
51Brass; 39" candleholder
52Furniture; metal patio table with umbrella stand
53Furniture; glass display cabinet H-72"
53AGolfing statue
54Hat; Royal Crest black with Champ hat box
54ADoll & milk glass
55Panasonic speakers, Telechron electric clock
56Fabric; vintage white clothing
56Acrochet spread
56BFabric; vintage crochet and embroidered
57lamps (2) & lamp parts
58Random House film strips, Anscovision, boxes, etc.
58AMisc.; corkscrews, travel clocks, holy water bottle, etc.,
59Misc.; highchair, furniture parts, sewing machine, trunk, cupboard
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