January 21th at 5:00 pm  for Early bird.

January 21th at 6:30 pm for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.

Preview Tuesday 3 pm – 6:30 pm for main auction.

If you would like to leave a bid on any lots in this antique auction, please email office@nebookauctions.com or call 413-665-3253

Full List For the Auction:PDF for January Antique Auction

5:00 pm is the Early Bird auction of the first 50+ lots of the listing.

Lots 1-60 listed at the end (Sold at 3 pm)
60Silver; sterling 7&3/4 inch Webster bowl
61Silver; sterling, (3) spoons
62Silver; sterling, butter knife, Washington souvenir spoon, (2) forks
63Silver; Mappim Brothers set 6 spoons in box

64Jewelry; necklace- 14K with pearls

64AJewelry; necklace- gold with beads

65Jewelry; necklace marked 14K with amethyst glass beads, pearls

66Time Clock; International Time Recording Co., oak case, H-32"
67Silver, sterling soup spoons (6) marked with W on owl
68Silver, sterling sugar bowl & creamer
69Silver, sterling, (4) salt/peppers. souvenir spoon
70Furniture; Victorian settee, length 44 inches
71Knife; Japanese "Tosu" with reference book
72Toy, dirigible metal 30 inches long

73Silhouette; hand cut Todd's patent of woman

74Furniture; Arts & Crafts oak double door bookcase, W-41", H-54&1/2", D-12
75Art; oil on canvas, cows on road by water, F-23&1/2" X 27&1/2'

76Watch; pocket- coin silver 6544 Waltham 2414487

77Watch; pocket- coin silver Elgin Natl. Co, Monarch Fanys 168271

78Watch; pocket- 14K gold filled, Hamilton Watch Co. Wadsworth 03555 41

79Watch; pocket-NAW Co. 14K gold filled, Challenge, 1381102

80Clock; German oak wall clock height 31 inches
80AWatches; wrist- Bulova, Wittnauer
81Watch; wrist-Gruen with case + 2 other
82Jewelry; fraternal- Old Fellows skull & cross bone pendant

83Jewelry; rings- (3) marked 14K, no settings
84Jewelry; rings- 2 marked sterling, 1 10K, 2 gold filled
85Misc.; straight razors, eye glasses, comb with case
86Jewelry; K of C pins, Ct. Co. pendant, necklace, cufflinks, etc.
86AJFK funeral card

87Jewelry; rosary beads, St. Christopher pendants, Pope Francis coin
88Misc.; bullet cigarette lighter, compass, Springfield streets & eng. Medals
89Watch; pocket-Waltham, Wadsworth, 2649421

90Watch; pocket-(2) Elgin 5776251 & Principal Alert 6141947

91Art; Witkin, Louis, unframed nude reclining on red spread I-35" X 24"

92Watch; pocket-(3) Westclox Scotty & (2) Ingraham St. Regis
93Jewelry; rings- 2 one marked 10K gold filled
94Art; Israel, Chas. H., watercolor coastal scene F-20&1/2" X 14&1/2"

95Art; Givens, Sally, 1989 shoreline watercolor, F-20&1/4" X 13&1/4"
96Saxophone; H. Selmer modele 1922 No. 1153 with case
96APhotograph; soldier with saxophone and clarinets, bill of sale
97Clarinet; Selmer with case
98Clarinet; Bruno with case
99Ephemera; assorted ledgers & diaries, etc.

102Football; photo 1936 Kingswood School team photo & Easthampton photo
103Books; Burroughs, Edgar Rice, (21) Tarzan & others no dust jackets
104Books; (7) exploration reports- (5) U.S. exploring & (2) Cruise-Parker reports
105Books; large lot misc. miniature books
106gems & minerals
107Box; mahogany lap desk

108Violin; with bow and case

109Postcard album; 250+ cards
110Art; Sziklay, Bela, color etching "Statues of Florence"
111Art; Farnmu, L.J., watercolor lake scene with building, F-12&1/4" X 15&1/4"

112Military; 75 mm gun lot 1272-10, 24" shell
113Jewelry; misc. costume pins
114Jewelry; rings, (7) some marked sterling
115Jewelry; bracelets, locket, stick pins, brooches, etc.
116Jewelry; rings, (6)
117Jewelry; rings, (6)
118Steiff; Snobby polar bear length 40 inches

119Lighting; blue/white slag glass panel lamp shade H-8 inches sides 12 inches
120Photograph; Canadian Pacific Banff Springs Hotel Canada, F-31&1/2" X 25&1/2"

121Photograph; Canadian Pacific RR Lake Louise Canada F-31&1/2" X 25&1/2"

122Spode, Copeland bird plates, Delft platter
123Flow Blue; cups, saucers, plates, ironstone platter, pearl ware bowl
124Flag; U.S.A. 38 star dated patented April 26th 1870 American Ensign
125Copper one cent flattened dinosaur & president coins (48)
126Comic books; Zap, Ghostly tales, Superman, Archie, etc.
127Pottery; yellow ware pitcher, Roseville pitcher with tulips
128Pottery; three pitchers
129Art; Jacque. Black/white etching, children by barn, F-16&1/2" by 12&1/2"

130Art; Gorman, Walter; pastel of coliseum, 32" X 26"
131Silhouette; woman's profile, framed Foster Bros. Boston
132Pendant; silver perfume & thimbles
133Flatware; coin & silver plate
134Silver plate; (6) wine cups & ice bucket
135Silver plate; coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream pitcher, tray cups, etc.
136Porcelain; Portugal teased
137Silver plate; trays, casserole, butter dish, glassware
138Art; Synnot watercolor/gouache ships on high sea F-36&1/2" X 26&1/2"
139Art; Johnny, Jim, "Moon" joy of happiness, F-14&1/4" x 11&1/2"
139APharmaceuticals; bottles (2) & nasal douche
139BOpium pipe, scale, box, weight
140Misc.; cannons, brass boat, carved bird on stand, copperware, etc.
141Jewelry; pendants, earrings, belt
141AJewelry; bracelets, crucifixes, necklaces, etc.
142Jewelry; earrings, cufflinks, tie clasps, pins
143Railroad; books, photographs, guides, misc.
144Jewelry; misc. costume pins, cameo, etc.
145Pottery; Red Cliff ironstone white tureen with under platter, sugar bowl
146China; Mason serving bowl with cover, blue white , etc.
147Jewelry; assorted earrings
148Art; etching, man herding pigs, F-17&1/4" by 13&1/4"

149Art; man on horseback drinking, F-17&1/4" by 13&1/4"

150Military; aircraft prints, (3) Bell H-40, Super Sabre, Hound Dog Missile
151Art; oil on board signed DAF88 I-9" X 12", people in boat

152Watches; wrist- Timex, Elgin, Heldroc. Etc.
153Watches; wrist- assorted
154Art; Mishkin, N.Y.C., portrait Alma Gluck opera singer, oil on canvas

155China; blue white transfer ware, scenic plates, bowl
156Porcelain; Royal Worcester bowl, blue/white platter, Ridgway
157Art; Rupert, Paul, 599/950, children at the beach

158Rug; Ardebil, 8' X 11'6"
159Toys; Dinky- (2) scout cars, army wagon, Austin Champ, soldiers
160Toys; Dinky- Centurion tank, Char A.M.X., armor cars, personal carrier
161Furniture side chair
162Quilt open work penny 82" X 64"
163Quilt; 81" X 85"
164Steiff lamb with bell collar

165Books; Baedeker's guides, N.Y. 1939 Worlds fair, etc.
166Ephemera; first day issues
167Art; oil on canvas of railroad station, unframed, 24" X 20"

168Currency; foreign, U.S. coins, space flights
169Horn; length 36 inches, copper
170Poker chips, roulette wheel, cars
171Art; drawing girl with hand folded under her chin
172Art; Goldman, AM. drawing balloons lifting woman above man

173Carnival Glass; Northwood Peacock Fountain Footed Bowl
174Lighting; prisms & misc.
175Poster; Steve McQueen as Bullitt
176Porcelain; bone china cups & saucers
177Art; portraits of nobility of Lorraine by Callot

178Art; Revue de la Maison du Roiautrou l Enfe by LaBasculn

179Clothing & linens, muff, women's black clothing, napkins, table covers
180Art; pastel buildings behind flowers trees, F-28&1/4" X 34&1/2"
181Art; lithograph 91/260 woman portrait. 21&1/4" X 27&1/2", signed lower rt

182Sampler; Doris Erich 15&1/4" X 14&3/4"
183Sheffield sugar, cream pitcher, 16: tray, sherbets, misc.
184Quilt; 74" X 84"
186Linens, women's vintage white clothing, fur hat, etc.
187Silver plate; coffee & tea set, International Silver Co. 5 piece set
188Furniture; mahogany full size bed with inlay
189Art; lithograph 1963, signed Sal Russia 36/40

190Art; Dewberry, Thomas, watercolor, barns in winter, F-29" X 21&1/2"
191Art; (2) Asian wooden wall hangings 8" X 18"
192Mirror; round 18" diameter woven frame design
193Art; seascape sailing on a moon light night, F-41&1/2" X 21&1/2"
194Art; Krupinski, Loretta- ship named Doris, artist proof 45/100

195Hummel, carved dragon, 4" bust
196Opera glasses with mother-of-pearl, 3 piece flatware set in box
197Quilt; 77" X 50"
198Quilt; 48" X 77"
199Art; Baker, Roberta, oil seascape 23&3/4" BY 29&1/2"
200Art; oil on burlap over board, city view 36" by 48"
201Porcelain; sugar shaker, floral bowls, cups, saucers, pitcher, misc.
202Compacts, thimbles, vanity boxes
203Art; (2) fashion courting prints in matching frames
204Art; Valley Quail, F-27" X 22"
205Art; Mountain Quail, F-27" X 22"
205AJig saw puzzles
206Sheet music
207Art; Kautz, Wm. C. on board spiritual man, F-18&1/2" X 22&3/4"
208Pottery; pitchers, bowls
209Glass; carnival glass pitcher, Chemung water bottles, glass light shades
210Art; oil on canvas, coastal seascape, F-48" X 20"
211Dog portrait- Jack Russel terrier, F-17&3/4" by 17&3/4"
212Camel saddle
213Clothing; hand muff & shawl
214Pottery vases
215Quilt top; 88" X 68"
216Quilt; 32" X 50" & baby's quilt

217Art; print- Maple Sugaring in Vermont, F-13&1/4" X 11&1/2"
218Art; (2) fashion prints & 1 child holding flower
219Porcelain; white duck tureen, covered bowl, platter, etc.
220Misc.; scarf tubes, figural ornaments, wrist watch bands
220AJewelry; misc. bracelets, necklaces, earrings
221Misc.; Canadian coins, pins, ring, etc.
222Wristwatches; Anni & Co., Pierre, Aynsley porcelain clock, etc.
223Art; sporting

224Photographs; tin types & misc.
224AArt; man playing tennis
225Art; Ligosky, Stephen. Mixed media "Group Study #4" F-24&3/4" X 19&1/4"
226Jewelry; necklaces
227Stamps; large lot misc. stamps many cancelled
228Art; oil on canvas, landscape pond with mountains in background
229Art; Bethif. Print children with birds

230Art; oil on canvas, 15" X 16" portrait man thinking
231Stamps & numismatic Ass. Wooden dollars, etc.
232Rosenthal Classic Rose white tea set
233Clothing; Strassbridge & Clothier fur, red shoes, purse
234Art; Phipps, W.H. watercolor birch trees by water, F-20" by 16"

235Quilt & quilting fragments
236Art; Jacque etching, couple resting by hayfield

237Art; Jacque. Feeding the swine, F-17&1/4" by 13&1/4"

238Clothing; black dress with lace and beadwork, black shawl

239Clothing; (2) black vintage skirts

240Silver plate; flatware, trays, bowls
241Art; photogravure "Close of a City day" 20&1/4" by 15&1/2"
242Art; engraving :Wood Carts on the Heath"
243Art; typogravure, "Ploughing"
244Sheet Music; large lot
245Clothing; vintage black shawl, black velvet jacket

246Linens; assorted dollies, table cover, etc.
247Gloves; several pair, hat pins, framed bird fabric

248Art; prints (2) dogs & Cats, (1) Noah's Ark
249Art; (2) landscape of fields-oil on canvas & coastal scene on board

250Mirror; metal with grape vine
251Art; 19th century Hudson River School, scenic oil on canvas F-25" X 19"

252Art; Pratt, engraving King George VII, F- 31" X 12"

253Photography; wooden box camera parts
254Easthampden Mass 1876 India Rubber Thread certificate, F-36" X 28&3/4"
255Art; oi on canvas of train & oil on board harbor

256Art; folio drawings nudes, man in chair + nervous system chart
257Glassware; large lot assorted depression glassware
258Sword & enameled pan
259Misc.; books, fashion prints, Battle Star Galadies
260Art; still life fruit, chicken print, "Does your mother know your out?"
261China; Czechoslovakia set
262Silver teapot, tissue box
263Lighting; glass chandelier
264No Lot
265Toys; die cast vehicles; Corgi, Matchbox, etc.
266Art; Pitchard, G.W.; pastel landscape, oak frame 26" by 16" dated 1916
267Art; Pitchard, G.W.; pastel landscape, oak frame 26" by 16"

268Phots; Warner- foot bridge in Berkshires & Precipice walk Dolgelly

269Bookends; golfing, shaving cup, wooden flatware carrier
270Art; (4) watercolor landscapes Jeppy & Yarensky the artists
271Art; print; military costume, hummingbird, Simpkins oil on canvas
272brass candlesticks; H-10 inches
273Andirons; brass pair cannonball finials
274Photo; several dogs on tables, F-12" X 25"
275Art; Witkin, Louis. Unframed portrait man oil on canvas, F-16" X 20"
276Brass Pails (2)
277Misc.; teapots, platter, toby pitcher, vases, etc.
278Art; engraving- Hoffman, Gustave A. horse drawn wagon, F-20&1/2" by 18&1/2"

278AArt; print abandon homestead, 15&1/4" by 24&1/2"
279Art; Heevcileu. "Old barn Route 98", 21/35
280Art; nudes (2) man standing & woman seated
281Misc.; valentines boxes, green vase, basket, pewter bowl
282Books, Charlie Brown paperbacks, misc.
283Maps; assorted large lot
284Tapes; reel to reel music and other recordings
285Photographs; black/white contemporary, thumb print art
286Misc.; wire basket, tins, cast-iron car, misc.
287Misc.; Princeton banner, fez, barrel bank, etc.
288Misc.; glassware, pitchers, bottles, mug, stein, etc.
289Art; (4) unframed prints
290Art; portrait man/woman, engraving- "We Gather Together"
291Art; yellow flowers in the snow
293Art; Asian 2 panel scenic view with raised cloth people, F-24&1/2" X 20&1/2"
294Art; Cochic, C. 1975, oil on canvas, people in street, F-24&1/2" X 20&1/2"

295Tools; hammers, bullet mold, rules. Etc.
296Art; Preston, William, watercolor ships docked city skyline in background

297Misc. large basket with cover, scouting related items, mounted arrow
298Nautical; H N Hartford mast cap for attaching ships rigging

299Misc.; brass candlestick, games, precision threaded vari-sized tools (?)

300Art; Gould bird print- Glautis Fraseri in oak frame 27" by 24"
1Art; oil on canvas landscape cover bridge, unframed, 40" X 30"
1AArt; oil on canvas, barn in woods, signed Chapman F-31&3/4" X 27&3/4"
1BSign; West Springfield police, fire numbers
1CArt; still life wine & fruit on table, unframed 24" X 28&1/2"
1DArt; abstract on board, unframed, 24" X 34"
1EArt; oil on board, Kane & Zoltah, F-36" X 27&1/2"
1FArt; Furrick C.R., Elizabeth Park Hartford CT. landscape oil on canvas
1GArt; print titled, "Southern Fruit"
1HArt; print, still life flowers
1IArt; print, the lone wolf at night
1JArt; (2) oil on canvas paintings- ocean sunset & floral blossoming
1KArt; (2) oil on canvas, barn and houses
1LArt; (2) nudes & 1 portrait
1MArt; lithograph,, men in bed, "Fan Hittie & Robert"
1NArt; engraving, moonlit stream
1OArt; print Beatriz Potter- Tale of 2 Bad Mice
1PArt; frame with Japanese geisha, plate & Ming tree
1QArt; print, navy's F41-1 launching Sparrow III
1RArt; print horse traders
1SMisc.; poker round board, Tidal Reflections 99/200 & A Face 4/50
2Radio tubes, large box lot
2AMisc.; doorknob, Green Wave cushion, booklets, wooden noise maker, etc.
2BScenic metal plaque, mounted
2CPhotos; railroad station, 1936 high school group photo
3Toy; Fort Geronimo
4Magazines; Look, Fortune, Eros, opera
5Prints; Native Americans, Massachusetts views, animals, etc.
6Ephemera; decals, Eastern States, Pen State, famous mathematician, etc.
6ARecords, assort
6BDominoes; Magna Double Nines
7Furniture; black stenciled rocking chair
8Furniture; black rocking chair with upholstered seat
9hats; (2) women's feather
10Ephemera; AAA, rail road, automotive
11Photographs; VT auto, family portraits, tin types 1800's-early 1900's
12Pottery, china, misc. pieces
13Court Jester presentation crown
14Doll's cradle
15Cork lamp & shell collection
15AWooden boxes, stereoscopic card viewer, wooden bowl
16Map; Oxford England, F-30&3/4" X 24&3/4"
17Art; unframed watercolor landscape, photo, sketch
18Furniture; rocking chair, brown with stenciling
19Philco console radio
20Tobacco related items, Stanley Tool Co tambourine
21Mickey Mouse bank, tin & misc. pottery
22Art; Laborintvs print & Super Heroes print
23Leather folder, postcards, Moon Mars cards, Lottery paper
24Art; portrait, Coke, Chicago Bears
24APrints; rabbit, fish
24BArt; plough engraving, Chelsea old church
25Illustrations; history of measurements
25AFrames; empty and with contents
25BMirrors, prints, frames
26Sewing; Singer machine with case & green metal rack
27Furniture; oak rack stand
28Tins; Ritz Crackers, Huston Biscuits, tole decorated
28AArt; print of skydivers (2)
29Ephemera; photo Maine State School, cards, Arrow travel guides, etc.
29AArt; poster- "Make Art Not WAR"
30Ephemera; photos, 1947 calendar, map, etc.
31Photographs; black/white 1930's-1950's
32Misc.; Leap Pad 2, Sony PS One, Leapfrog, violin music box,
32AArt; (2) prints & oak frame
33baskets; nesting, music boxes, lock box, etc.
34APrint, Browne, J. 1987
35Misc.; eye glasses, carving tools, razor, toys, etc.
36Clocks; Seth Thomas, West Clock, Waltham wristwatch, etc.
37Jewelry; costume. Loose beads, rings, etc.
37APrints; unframed, Norman Rockwell, birds, etc.
38Photo- signed Alice Luck, & Boots Maine Woods
39Misc.; framed quilt fragment, classical print, bird print, flag raising
40Ephemera; West Point label, Diary of a Bachelor, etc.
41Misc.; fabric, purses, toys, etc.
42Glassware; decanter, vases, bowls, etc.
42AMisc.; letter openers, toy badges, pins
43Porcelain; bowls, transfer plater, butter pats, etc..
43ABanks; (2) die cast- Ace Hardware, & Mack Bulldog trucks
43BPrints; unframed misc., watercolor painting duck hunting, etc.
44Nadco wooden fruit box, jewelry boxes, furniture pulls
44ABrass weights
45Radio; Sangean AM/FM WR-11
46Postcards & misc. papers
47Art; prints- Madonna & child, Jesus, , Print The Music Lesson, Jesus on the cross
48Silver plate; flatware, trivet, copper pitcher, etc.
48AMisc.; glass display case, 76 flag, boat coat rack, boat
48BFurniture; green one drawer wash stand
49Art; seascape oil on board & scratch art- Kyrie Eleison
50Sampler; D. E. Jones 72
50AArt; Gordon Grant print 3 mast ship
51Art; oil on canvas landscape
52Misc.; Enesco figurines, tins, mounted stone, Goebel bell
52AWooden pulley
53Misc.; mop pail, stoneware crock, horse weight, lab stand
53ABooks; Winslow Homer Watercolors, Rembrandt, Utrillo
53BArt; abstract & snowman
54Art; poster :Teatr Wielk w Warszawie"
55Pottery; bean pots, blue decorated pitcher
55AArt; (2) water color of flowers & landscape
56Advertising; (2) Kessler Sooth As Silk signs
56AMisc.; wire gathering basket, clock, doll's blue step back cupboard
56BModels; plastic planes & ships
57Misc.; metal statue of boy with basket, glass shade
57AArt; abstract paintings on board (2)
58Misc.; CD defense barrel, yarn ball lamp, scale pan
58AHockey; Bobby Orr portrait, painting car
59Misc.; hotdog sign, basketball cards, baseball gloves, stuffed animals, etc.
59AArt; abstract, "The Deep End"
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