December 3rd at 5:00 pm  for Early bird.

December 3rd at 6:30 pm for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.

Preview Tuesday 3 pm – 6:30 pm for main auction.

If you would like to leave a bid on any lots in this antique auction, please email or call 413-665-3253

Full List For the Auction: December Antique Sale PDF

At 5:00 pm is the Early Bird auction of the first 50+ lots of the listing.
Early Bird Lots 1 - 59 listed at end.
60Silver; sterling, International saucers, cups 12.3 ounces
61Lalique leaf bowl

62Scandinavian glassware; Jonasson, Matt, dolphins, H-5&3/4"

63Jewelry; necklace

64Jewelry; necklace

65Jewelry; (2) beaded stone

66Jewelry; (2) bracelets

67Jewelry; bracelet marked sterling Mexico & dragonfly pendent marked sterling.
68Jewelry; earrings, necklaces, pins, etc.
69Jewelry; Tarfari necklace, horn face necklace

69ADocument dome top box, 1792 New Haven Ct paper interior

70Furniture; gaming table with four chairs
71Porcelain; (2) matching compote with cherub bases

72Boat; blue hull sailboat, L-19"
73Photograph; football team picture

74Art; Grishem, oil on canvas, woman with child, F-32" X 25&3/4"

75Clarinet; Boosey & hawks, series 1-10, includes case
76Lighting; leaded 19" glass hanging ceiling fixture
77Art; oil on canvas woodland scene, F-30" X 26"

78Bugle; Rexcratt Regulation made in U.S.A.

79Box; leather bound document
80Furniture; paint decorated dome top trunk, W-18", H-7", D-11"
81Bausch & Lomb Optics microscope with case
82Postcard album; local including New England states
83Boat; 3 mast sailboat, length 16 inches
84Furniture; mahogany 2 section secretary with top drawer cubbies

85Coins; U.S. 1987 set & 1992 U.S. Olympic proof sets
85ACoins; U.S. 1997 proof set & commemorative silver dollar
86Coins: U.S. 1993 Bill of Rights & 1994 World Cup commemorative
87Coins; U.S. 1992 & 1998 proof sets
87ACoins; U.S. Thomas Jefferson 250th anniversary silver dollar
88Coin; 1994 American Eagle silver dollars
89Art; Warnock, Sheila 1956, oil on canvas coaching scene, F-24" by 28"

90Furniture; (2) matching bookcases, W-32&1/2", H-32", D-15&1/2"
91Jewelry; costume earrings, pendants
92Jewelry; (3) necklaces
93Jewelry; (30+) pins
94Jewelry; (30) assorted pins
95Jewelry; (15) assorted necklaces
96Watches; (2) Mickey Mouse, Gruen pocket, Seiko, others
97Watches; Fossil, Caravelle, Diexl, K. Cole, others
98Jewelry; earrings, tie clasps, cufflinks, pins
99Jewelry; misc. necklaces, bracelets
100Doll house; W-24", H-30", D-17"

101Photography; lantern glass slides, box of assorted
102Jewelry; misc. bracelets, pins, earrings
103Art; Austin, Ray F, watercolor landscape F-33&1/2" X 24&1/4"

104Furniture; swing leg drop leaf table
105Scrapbook; holiday cards, trade cards, etc. 40+ pages
106Furniture; pair high back upholstered chairs
107Furniture; mahogany dining table, (3) 18" leaves, inlaid banding on top
108Photographs; Lyman's Market, exterior views,& house photo
109Medal; Sons & Daughters of Liberty
110Art; still life flowers in vase, F-25" X 21"
111Furniture; octagonal teak drum bar with removable tray
112Silver plate; Reed & Barton teapot on stand set
113West Point; cadet hat

114Brass plaques; (3) compliments of Coca Cola Co.

115Postcard album; Greenfield, Turners Falls, other local cards
116Art; (3) Chinese prints & framed jade tree
117Coins; U.S. WWII 2 coin proof set & WWII Victory medal & half dollar
117ACoins; 1992 2 coin set, 1994 World Cup, 1992 Atlanta Olympics
118Snowshoes; L.L.Bean "The Maine Snowshoe"

119Furniture; 2 part mahogany breakfront

120Art; unframed charcoal portraits (2)
121Bedwarmer; brass with wooden handle

122Furniture; metal open baker's shelf stand
123Art; prints, (5) Alpargatas, caricatures scenes, F-16&3/4" X 12&3/4"

123AEphemera; 19th photos, WWII maps, poetry & magic booklets, etc.
124Bronze; rider on horse signed Rosa Bonheur, H-9&1/2", L of horse 8&1/2"

125Bronze; rider on horse similar to #124 unsigned, H-9&1/2", L of horse 8&1/2"

126Mirror; ornate, 50" by 41"

127Clock; pillar & scroll with Revolutionary War scene

128Furniture; (2) mahogany open shield back with pierced spats tapered legs
129Art; prints (3) cat images
130Furniture; cherry 3 drawer silver chest on frame
131Coca Cola; trays (3), bottles, bottle opener, tin, Do Not Spit sign
132Art; "Song of Songs" 121/500 signed lower left

133Microscope; Swift M3200 series
134Ironstone; English white with blue, 14 pieces
135Art; Johnson, Cecile Ryder. Scenic mountain view F- 28&1/2" X 18"

136Ford; framed advertisements (3), F-11&1/2" by 14&1/2"
137Glassware; Polish cut art glass, bowls, vases, bottle, etc.
138Art; "Demolition of Old London Bridge," 1839 view, F-21" by 18&1/2"
139Furniture; rocking cradle
140Photographs; (2) Watch Hill Fire Dept.

140AFull Length Mink (?) fur coat
141Furniture; oak double bank kneehole desk
142Print; Mount, Wm. "Bargaining For a Horse," F-24&3/4" X 33&1/2"
143Art; Rupert, Paul, 599/950, children exploring a beach

144Furniture; pair sofas, 4' 10"
145Art; Bandlan, Nal, engraving, "Man With a Good Smell" 13" X 10&1/2"

146Photograph; Hovey, 12 dogs sitting on a table
147Art; Gould print of hummingbirds
148Furniture; Hoosier with porcelain top shelf
149Prints; (2) Japanese- mouse with grapes & beachcomber

150Scale; Fairbanks crow foot with weights
151Art; Horn, Robert 1914 scenic watercolor, F15" X 11&1/4"

152Knife; D. Holden limited edition in box
152AKnife; D. Holden limited edition in box
153Books; Historical Register Medford 1800's-early 1900's, Country Life, etc.
154Roseville banded pitcher, banded bowl, autographed pottery bottle
155Misc.; U.S. 76 flag, (2) boats
156Furniture; green painted one drawer washstand
157Sign; fiber Fishing tackle Good Gillies Live Bait, diameter 20"
158Ephemera; correspondences, receipts, 1800's & 1900's
159Art; nude lying down with back to viewer, F-12&1/2" X 7&1/2"
159APrint; R. Atkinson Fox landscape
160Print; Sawyer, The Country Highway, F-32&1/2" by 20&1/2"
161Art; Pritchard, G.W. pastel trees blooming along a path F-16" by 26"
162Art; Pritchard, G.W. pastel path leading to home F-16" by 26"
163Brass mortar & pestle, inkwell, candleholder
164Misc.; 2 arm candleholder, cowbell, etc.
164APurse. Leather
165Carving of man curled in bowl, H-6", W-5&3/4"

166Orange, MA engravings, Kilburn Chair Co., Gold medal Sewing Co.
167Palmer, Conway, W. Springfield engravings (Lark Carriage, Tucker Mills, )
168Art; oil on board scenic view with people in boar, signed bottom, DAF 88

169Misc.; brass tray, wire food cover, dipper, iron items, wringer
170Bank; Independent hall, H-9&3/4", W-9"
171Art; portrait girl standing in front of chair
172Art; watercolor of shoreline, signed ELR lower rt.
173Candlesticks; (2) 10" brass
174Andirons; brass cannonball finials claw feet H-23"
175Print; Wallace Nutting "A Berkshire Brook" F-20&1/4" X 14&1/4"
176Print; Wallace Nutting "A Fringe of Autumn," F-14&1/4" X 18&1/4"
177Print; Wallace Nutting, "By A Berkshire Pool," 12&1/4" X 17"
178Print; Wallace Nutting, "Shore Blossoms," 15&1/4" X 12&1/4"
179Print; Wallace Nutting, "Broken Water" 11&1/2 X 9&1/2"
180Frame; wester theme with barbwire, gun & bullets, 9" X 10"
181Art; watercolors; (2) framed of geese 11&3/4" X 13&1/4"
182Glassware; Sydenstricker bowls & misc.
183Glassware; Sandwich lacey candlesticks, plates, Fenton bell, crackle glass
184Fireplace; lemon drop finials on tools & stand
185Furniture; breadboard top table
186Furniture; Tom McAnn footstool
187Needlework flowers in pitcher, unframed
188Art; (4) views of Spain

189Game boards; wooden (2) chess & parches
190Art; painted India frame with doors, 18&1/2" by 18&3/4"
191Art; print St. Paul's cathedral construction view, 24&3/4" X 34&1/2"
192Lighting; five arm hanging ceiling fixture
193Furniture; oak kneehole desk with center drawer
194Ephemera; misc. paper, maps, The Log, Child related items, auto, etc.
195Misc.; pantry box with cover, collar box, 14&3/4" wooden measure
196Toy; horse drawn metal beer wagon with kegs
197Fireplace screen, 3 sections, H-31&1/2"
198Stove; Herald Oak model #14 parlor stove
199Lighting; (6) miniature oil lamps
200Photography; light box with trucking views
200AYarn winder
201Candle mold, 15 holes
202Basket; woven with cover, H-13", 23" X 20"
203Art; etching on copper, Brattleboro, VT. Holstein Association 17" X 14"
204Fan; Japanese commemorative in display case

205Japanese figure in display frame, F- 18&3/4" X 22&1/4"
206Australian Aboriginal; wooden art, musical instruments, etc.
207Photo; soldiers at parade rest front Graves & Root store

208Quilt, 31" by 23", 4 section collapsible miniature fence
209Prints; (9) Bertha & Nan, unframed
210Photo; child in deep oval frame
211Plaques; (4) classical relief scenes, 7&3/4" diameter
212Pottery; banded crock, blue deer pitcher, salt glaze jar, fruit basket
213Art; portrait signed, F-33&1/2" X 28"
214Art; pen & ink drawing, 1886 Boston announcement, daguerreotype photo
215Tole; decorated tray, leather bound notebook
216Art; Mongolian style painting
216AArt; Mongolian style painting
217Misc.; Richmond Root beer bottle, mug, Dunwoodie. Etc.
218Yellow pottery banded bowl, cow, knives with mother of pearl handles
219Pins; bucketful of assorted
220Art; Maitland Laurie, abstract, 20&1/4" X 20&1/4"
221Art; Maitland Laurie, abstract, 20&1/4" X 20&1/4"
222Ephemera; magazines, cartoons, Lincoln's Wisdom of, yearbook
223Photograph; 1938 school 87 Man School, 20" by 12"

224Furniture; (4) matching chrome upholstered seat chairs
225Ephemera; photo man with carriage, wampum, scout books, minstrels show
226Art; Mary T Robison, French street scene, 5" by 7&3/4"
227Art; Turner, B.L., watercolor unframed woman on road
228Art; nude with back turned to viewer, signed, 7*3/4" by 8&3/4"

229Prints; Currier & Ives, unframed, 40+
230Art; view Shaker Village round barn & watercolor of tree by barn

231Needlepoint flowers, letters & numbers sampler
232Misc.; Ashley Grain Co. wood carrier, Chardwick & Co. scale
233Furniture; Lane office swivel chair
234Furniture; oak CD cabinet
235Furniture; oak CD cabinet
236Furniture; oak CD cabinet
237Misc.; marble & glass eggs, brass foot rest, elephant decorated container
238Cloisonné' vases, pottery bowls, etc.
239Art; (2) railroad prints
240Art; print, "Feeding Her Favorites" F-18&3/4" X 15&1/2"
241Cutty Sark wooden sign with ship, -37&1/2"
242Disney Cinderella framed race game, 20&1/4" by 13&1/4"
243Misc.; lettering plates folio, metal engraved plates
244Art; watercolor of sailboats, pencil sketch of wagon by tree, etc.
245Misc.; Noah's ark with figures, carved Indian, oval box, plant print
246Misc.; jewelry- pins, pendants, etc.
246AU.S. 1 cent 1883 mailing case, Delta wings, music ribbon, foreign coins, etc.
247Misc.; bottles, ice bucket, decanter, knife rests, etc.
248Art; watercolor, Sebon, Bill., seascape unframed
249Prints; (2) bird
250Art; duck hunting in marsh unframed
251Art; (3) prints- whale breeching, rough surf, water canyon
252Print, cat signed ray 1971 #41 40" by 30"
253Print; Lee, Doris, beach scene, F-17&1/2" X 21&1/2"

254Magnifying stand with light
255Furniture; mahogany three drawer chest
256Art; oil on canvas, still life flowers in vase, 13&1/4" by 16&1/2"
257Tole decorated tray, oval wooden pattern
258Prints; framed, (3) Red Riding Hood, 3 Bears, Pinocchio
259Furniture; drop leaf table center cross stretcher
260Photographs; (2) Precipice Walk Dolgelly & Foot Bridge in Berkshires

261Photographs; Birdie Schwartz 1919, & James Bushnell
262Prints; unframed Norman Rockwell, (20)
263Floor lamp; glass & brass
264Furniture; cabinet one drawer over doors
265Jewelry; dragonfly pins, necklace, brass pendent, etc.
266Jewelry; enamel & brass chain belt, beaded necklace
267Ephemera; mounted fruit box labels
268Art; print of F.D.R., & man smoking pipe
269Art; prints of ships, unframed, (20)
270Prints; baseball & hunting unframed
271Art; Ligosky, Stephen, mixed media, Group Study # 4, F-243/4" X 19&1/4"

272Sterling silver; Hanukkah prayer coin
273Misc.; jewelry, belts, necklaces, etc.
274Marionettes; (2)
274AInuit gathering, F-16" X 12"
275Art; silk screened print reversed side on glass of 4 boys
275ASanta; (2), one marked Makeeba R.B., other marked made in Russia
276Art;; southeast prospect of the city of Bath, F-41" X 22"
277Cut Glass; bowls, pitcher, vase, etc.
278Pottery; Doulton pitcher, child's plate & cup, cookie jar, vase, etc.
279Glassware; pattern glass, light globe, decanter, etc.
280Prints; unframed bird & flowers
281Art; New Orleans Preservation Hall, mother holding child, Adam & Eve
282Furniture; three drawer chest
283Furniture; five drawer chest
284Art; (3) pieces, Aztec God, Bement House Old Deerfield, Rope makers
285Mirrors & frame
286Art; Fisher, W. 66, oil on canvas African women fixing one's hair

287Yearbook; The Ontarian 1957 State teachers College Oswego, NY
288Art; Saundus, oil on board landscape with cows, F-19&1/2" X 15&1/2"
289Art; (3) prints & fabric man
290Art; misc. prints engravings many unframed
Early Bird Lots
1Art; (2) drawings- Statue of Liberty, Cathedral
1AArt; (2) pastel landscapes, unframed
1BArt; watercolor scenic view signed Rosalie, G.
1CSanta sign, Lego, numbers framed, etc.
1DArt; seascape with movable parts
1EArt; mermaid print
1FArt; Holstein cow print
1GPrint; Lambert, G. Going Home 300/400
2Art; oil on canvas, still life vase with flowers, 20" X 24"
2AFurniture kneehole desk
2BFire hose, rubber lined
2CTelephone; Western Electric black
2DTelephone; Western Electric black
3Mirror, round with eagle crest
3AArt; Charles, oil on canvas Outer Bank seascape F-42" X 30"
3BArt; Breunner, oil on canvas, landscape with wooded lake, F-48" X 24"
3CVernon, Rollins. Acrylic "Memories" beach scene, F-42" X 30"
3DArt; L. Konig. Oil on canvas, winter scene Bavarian Alps
4Mirror, maple
4AFurniture; pair single rope beds
4BClock; Waltham, 31 day chime wall clock
5American Legion; (2) hats- Am. Legion CT., NJ disable American vet
6Iron fender; W-42", H-19"
7Wooden type tray, sun & arrow wooden sign
8Beer; Schaefer electric sign
9China; scenic blue/white platter, fruit plate
10Furniture; turn leg low table, 22" X 44"
10ALego City Airport, racers, etc.
11Records; large lot 33 RPM, blues, rock, etc.
12Books; Starrett catalog, drafting, Brosco catalog, etc.
13Postcards, assorted
13ALawnmower; unusual push mower with night light
14Tools; anvil, x-acto kit, screwdrivers
15Tools; soldering gun, clamps, toolbox, etc.
15ABoxes; wooden misc.
15BMisc.; animal figures, brush, etc.
16Coca Cola; box, bottles, openers, etc.
16AFurniture; oval top pine one drawer lamp table
16BFishing poles, net reels
16CFrame; oak
17Wooden skis
17BRecords; 33 RPM mostly rock
18Misc.; bedside tray with stand, short legged stand
19Auto; Blazer trailer towing lights, four sets
19ATools; Black & Decker skill saw
20Tools; Powerhouse skill saw, Black Decker sander
20AArt; oil on canvas, still life roses
21Art; (2) prints- bird, floral
21AChristmas lights
22Christmas; Kinkade snow globe, rocking horse, ornaments
23Toys; Queen cook stove, red fire truck with side ladders
24Magazine holder, 1936 Pontiac Deluxe Signature car model
24AClock; shelf, Westminster chimes
25Books; Atlas of Ney York, Popular Mechanics truck,. Etc.
26Ceramic face; Barber, Jillian, blue plater
26AMisc.; watering can, wooden sign
26BDisplay case; counter top wit contents
27Prints; (2) woman with sheep, and trees blossoming
28Pottery; several pieces
29Railway; (2) San Francisco train model music box & train model light
30Scouting; girls & boys uniforms, plate, photo, badges, etc.
30AWooden wagon
30BPottery; # 5 jug
31Display case; counter top
32Golf; framed wooden picture golfer swinging club
32AYankee Flyer & scouting books, etc.
33Mirror; split column black with gold trim
34Furniture; (2) chairs, one upholstered
35Mirrors; (2), oak frames
35AScouting; uniform, knives, books, whi9stle, etc.
36Glassware; crystal stemware, crystal finger bowls
37Newspaper clippings; 1940's-1950's military, political, Dionne Quintuplets
38Art; (3) oil on canvas, nature, people
39Wooden buildings, silver bowls, magic cards, razor strap, etc.
39Apottery bulb dish, brown/white jug, tablet jar
39BMisc.; cut plug tin, pottery bottle, stand, casserole
39CUnity light candle holders & glass hurricane shades
39DMetal collapsible clothes rack
40Sap buckets, baskets
40AMisc.; stoneware, oil lamps, prints, punch bowl set, etc.
40BFurniture; (2) arm chairs, deco chest
41AChemung spring water & Encyclopedia Am. Wooden boxes
41BFurniture; narrow wooden work table
42Furniture; candle stand with center inlay
43Frames; assorted 2 large boxes
43AMisc.; flying pit, outdoor facet, copper donut shape sprinkler
43BMisc.; box, bears, lamps, lazy susan, etc.
44Glassware; daily bread plate, platter, china, misc.
45Speakers; Insignia, perpetual wood calendar, etc.
45ALinens; box of misc.
45BPay telephone
46Glassware; Fostoria crystal stem ware
46AStoneware; crocks, jug, funnel
46BClocks; assorted modern shelf
47Antiques magazines, 1990's-2000's
47AToys; Railroad classic set in box
47BNoritake; the Sahara set of china
48Prints; (2) tree of life, children
49Fashion prints, dried flowers
50Misc.; frames, prints, etc.
50AMisc.; marbles, bank, barometer, etc.
50BMisc.; electric company seal, plum bob, bottle, Limoges tray
51Craft materials; beads, soldering kit, tape, glue, etc.
52Misc.; USB & other cables, Singer sewing machine parts, etc.
52AFurniture; (2) lamp tables, metal stand
53Pens; Pierre Cardin 101 set, etc.
54Books; mostly antiques reference
55Art; folio loose prints, Currier & Ives, Pooh, floral
55AArt; (3) prints-city buildings, feeding chickens, fairy
56Misc.; china, bean pot, lamp, Black Mountain pottery
56AWatch bands, silver frames
57Misc.; basket, tray, train engine
57ANutcracker soldiers, (3)
58Manger with figures
58AMisc.; (2) wooden boxes, doll, strum guitar, shovel,
58BMisc.; linens, clothing
59lamp shades; (2) boxes
59ATole trays, fraternal documents, frames, etc.
59BPhotos; (2)-U.S.S. Texas battle ship, family portrait
59CStereo components; Alwa- turntable, speakers, etc.
59DGlassware; cut, press, Heisey, etc.
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