October 22nd at 5:00 pm  for Early bird.

October 22nd at 6:30 pm for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.

Preview Tuesday 3 pm – 6:30 pm for main auction.

If you would like to leave a bid on any lots in this antique auction, please email office@nebookauctions.com or call 413-665-3253

Full List For the Auction: PDF of October Antique Sale

At 5:00 pm is the Early Bird auction of the first 50+ lots of the listing.
60Jewelry; gold 10K bracelet, 113.6 grams
61Jewelry; gold, 10K cufflinks (4) & chain 14.3 grams
62Jewelry; gold 14K 2 pair clip on earrings, 19.3 grams
63Jewelry; gold, 14K heat bracelet 20.1 grams
64Silver; Russian 84 sterling Kiddush set tray with cups, 101.5 grams
65Silver; sterling water pitcher, 742.8 grams
66Silver; sterling "Officers of ZP 24" WWII, 196.5 grams
67Silver; sterling English coasters, 100 grams
68Music Box; L-26&1/2", D-15&1/2, H-12"

69Inkwell; double well, wooden box with drawer & center carrying handle
70Boat; sail, length 24 inches on stand
71Art; Japanese woodblock print, signed upper left

72Clock; German oak wall, H-30&1/2" W-13"
73Window; leaded glass, 22&1/2" by 17&1/2"
74Display case; footed, H-24", W-23", D-16"
75Typewriter; Oliver batwings standard visible # 3 with case
76Art; Cox, Louis Witkin. Oil on canvas, blonde nude unframed 24&1/4" by 36"
77Pottery; Cascade water cooler
78Silver; sterling flatware, Watson Juliana pattern 53 pieces, 1706.6 grams

79Silver; sterling, Dominic & Haff, 20 pieces, 1041.6
80Silver, sterling, misc. flatware, 259 grams
81Silver; sterling Arthur Stone egg drop spoon, 75 grams
82Silver; sterling, 6 inches English bowl, 312 grams
82ATiffany glass box 200 yrs. Daily Hampshire Gazette
83Lighting; Bradley & Hubbard porcelain rose decorated lamp

84Knife; fixed blade marked RH PAL 36
85Lighting; military shell lamp with wooden base
86Art; Cox, Louis Witkin. 0il on canvas, nude with men in background 24&3/4 X 36"
87Fans; hand paper advertising- Singer Sewing Machine, Royal Crown Soda, etc.

88Fire Extinguisher; Elkhart Brass Co.
89Miner's Safety Appliance Co. brass lantern
90Clock; Howard Miller model 613-192 shelf clock
91Furniture; Margolis mahogany table 48" by 68", reeded spade foot legs + (4) 12" leaves,

92Furniture; yarn winder
93Furniture; spinning wheel
94Art; Hamlin, M.F., fall landscape oil on board, F-30&1/2" by 24&1/2"

95Art; Walton, H. oil on canvas landscape with barn
96Art; Cox, Louis Witkin, reclining nude with teddy bear 23&3/4" X 36"
97Mirror; oak with coat hooks, bevel glass
98Furniture; oak hall seat with mirror, storage compartment applied carving

99Scouting; cub scout uniform, books, knife, etc.
100Sofa; blue tufted rolled arms and back
101Coca Cola 1947 calendar
102Jewelry; mostly sterling- seahorse pin, earrings, floral pins etc.
103Jewelry; sterling necklace with glass settings
103AJewelry; bracelet marked 925, TF-13
104Cigarette cards; (50) allied army leaders
105Art; McKenna, J. unframed oil on canvas, 30" by 40" view of pond

105AArt; still life oil painting of skull with other objects on table
106Football memorabilia; photo-autographs, Ben Waltson, Adalius Thomas
106AHockey memorabilia; photo-autographs, Phil Vebbel, Many Fernandez
107Golf memorabilia; photo-autographs, Richard McWilliams, Sergio Garcia
107ABaseball memorabilia; photo autographs, Jon Logan, Bill Bruton, Des Crandell
108Baseball memorabilia; photo-autographs, Will Stargell, Kirby Pachett, R. Schoednienst
108ABaseball memorabilia; photo-autographs, John Roseboro, Andy Pafko, Len Burnette
109Coins; buffalo nickels
110Coins & currency; mostly foreign
111Misc.; Zippo lighter & others, pipes, toy gun
112Compass; brass marked Harris London

113Misc.; Coca Cola bottle opener & tray, alligator, tins, etc.
114Furniture; pair single rope beds
115Art; watercolor F. Kaelin, Jasper Park 1920's

116Art; Cox, Louis Witkin, oil on canvas, still life skull bottles on table 37" X 27"
117Clock; German electric with Westminster chimes
118Tobacco tine; Lucky Strike, Players, Wyandotte red water pistol
119Art; Maxfield Parrish- Princess of Deryabar
120Advertisement; framed Indian Head Cloth, F- 20&1/4" by 14&1/4"
121Advertisement; framed Indian Head Cloth, F- 20&1/4" by 14&1/4"
122Advertisement; framed Ault & Wibory Co. ink makers, F- 20&1/4" by 14&1/4"
123Knives; fix and folding blades, some with sheaths
124Clock; Howard Miller # 340-020
125Art; prints (2) Denning, Guy, "Dreyfus", Seasoning Camp", "Behemoth Box"
126Art; oil on canvas portrait woman wearing blue dress seated 24" X 36"
127Glass heads; (3) 2-aqua, 1-clear
128Glass heads; (3) 2-aqua, 1-black
129Glass heads; (3) 1-blue, 2-black
130Scrapbook; 1950's multi-focus
131Art; painting on board of a monk, signed bottom left

132Furniture; Chinese black coffee table with raised applied decoration
133Lighting; panel caramel slag glass hanging shade
134Playing cards; Vargas Girls, Wicked super stars, Intelligence, etc.
135Art; oil on canvas portrait of woman dancer resting 24&1/2" X 36&1/2"
136Clock; Waltham regulator
137Advertising; trays- Budweiser, Dobler, Bevo
138Furniture; wing chair with embroidered upholstery
139Jewelry; misc. bracelets, earrings, pins, etc.
139AJewelry; large lot misc.
140Tool; Gifford & Wood ice harvesting iron shaver L-36"

141Jewelry; beaded necklaces, loose pieces turquoise, shark teeth, etc.
142Jewelry; necklaces, cameo, pins, etc.
142AJewelry; some gold filled & sterling pins, rings, Girard wristwatch
143Clothing; Glotzer & Glotzer fur stole
144Clothing; short fur coat
145Art; "The Corner" winter scene buildings in snow
145AArt; "The Pet of the Duchess" unframed 12&33/4" by 11&3/4"
146Art; pen sketch of sitting dog, signed, F-10" by11&3/4"

147Furniture; barrel back armchair with inlay & needle point seat
148Display case; counter top, wooden frame
149Misc.; (2) brass magnifying stands, set of weights, pulley, compass, misc.
150Art; poster, Ben? Jan. 18th to Feb. 12th
151Art; illustration, The Castle Gate
152Pottery; jardinière on pedestal, H-20&1/2"
153Furniture; one drawer table, H-26&3/4", W-25", D-22"
154Photography; cloth bound Victorian photo album, no photos

155Art; Flynn, Jack. Watercolor, scenic with people on hill, F-21&1/2" BY 17&1/2"
156Binoculars; three
157Rug; wool, 5'7" by 8'6"
158Rug; Ardebil pattern 8' by 11"6"
159Clock; telechron with Westminster chime
160Key; iron length 6&1/2"
161Art; tempera, scenic tree lined body of water, signed Theresa Cosma

162Hot Wheels; 150+ unopened
163Ephemera; Jim Foster cloth samples catalog, deeds, Strathmore paper, etc.
164Porcelain; brown & white transferware, tea sets, etc.
165Art; (2) framed bird bookplates
166Clocks; Seth Thomas, Westclock, W. Germany animal clock
166-AFurniture; Elite piecrust mahogany lamp table
167Clocks; West Germany animal face clocks with pinecone wts. (3)
168Clocks; West Germany animal face clocks with pinecone wts. (4)
168AAdvertising trays- (3) Coca Cola
169Advertising; trays- (3) Coca Cola
170Art; oil on canvas, landscape view looking across lake, F-14&1/2" by 17&1/2"
171Art; pastel building with blooming shrubs , signed RWK F-28&1/2" by 34&1/2"
172Porcelain; bowls, tray, floral decorated plates
173Royal Bayreuth pitcher, iridescent paper weight Wedgwood, etc.
174Art; oil on canvas, four children 81" by 79"

175Art; Bishop, Maurice, "Autumn Afternoon on the Baulo" man fishing
176Toy; pedal riding horse with back seat length 40 inches
177Toy; child's chalkboard with paper lessons
178Art; scroll, landscape with blue pavilion

179Russian lacquered box, 7&1/4" by 3&1/2" by 1&3/8"

180Chess set in box
181Chess set in box
182Art; oil on canvas, moonlight night, 24&1/4" by 36&1/4"
183Furniture; hutch with painted front, H-67", W-31"
184Ephemera; large lot of mounted pins, badges, etc.
185Fans; racially motivate stereo depictions of African Americans
186Newspapers; Boston Semi-Weekly Courier 1864 & 1861
186ASpace poster; Challenged Traditions Continue Adventure
187Space poster; Capturing The Vision, Rockwell International
188Space poster; Satellite desired & produced Harry E. D. 20&1/4" by 24&1/4"
188ASpace poster; Satellite in space, manned Flight Awareness, 19&1/4: by 38&3/4"
189Art; Steitz, Ella. Vt landscape Middlebury Vt. 11*3/4" by 16"
190C. Loreto Jemez pottery ball, decorated gourd, terra cotta face, owl, misc.
191Tea, uncut 7&1/2" by 9&1/2 block with raised designed

192Misc.; slide rule, Dunlap woodworking plane, reflectors, sighting scope etc.
193Misc.; harmonicas, knives, toy cars, etc.
194Misc.; jewelry, Arpeggio Chanel #5 perfume pens, cigarette lighter, etc.
195Art; oil on canvas, portrait main blue, unfamed 19" by 25&3/4"
196Art; oil on canvas, unframed 22" by 30", back side signed Eugene Lee 04
197Knives; (2) fix blade daggers with wooden handles & sheaths
198Silver plate; Community Silver Flower pattern flatware set, 56 pieces
199Art; Klein, Murray, acrylic declining nude, 22" X 30"
200Photographs; (10) Emerson, M.M. black & white unframed, Maine & Vt.

201Furniture; Nichols & Stone stencil rocking chair
202Cloisonné bottle, H-11&1/4"

203Advertising; Victor Liniment, Phaeton Reo automobile

204Art; (2) engravings village scenes, signed

205Art; artist proof, Jacque, M. "Leaving Catch 30,"

206Banks; train, car, plus 2 Victorian prints
207Documents; 1874 marriage covenant, Dean family births
208Misc.; advertising trays, Gulf sprayer, Buster Brown tin, Vogue record
209Coca Cola Looney Tunes glasses, house plant set, stereoscopic card viewer
209AArt; print military of F4H-1 launching Sparrer III F-21" by 16"
210Art; ,Chapman, oil on canvas, country scene

211Art; Affray, color etching (2) old inns

212Teapots; (11) hall, Crown, Windsor, other makers
213Ephemera; photo Grand canyon, interior furniture views, scrapbook
214Misc.; dolls, teapot
214AGlassware; Mikasa, Heisey, etc. mostly clear
215Glassware; crystal pitcher, bowls, glasses, etc.
216Art; Chirico, Robert, pen/ink drawing Bement House Old Deerfield, F-16" X 12"
216AArt; etching, "Rope makers" I-2&3/4" X 2&1/4"
217Art; Kamps, Norman H. Aztec God of fire- Xiuhtecuhtl
218China; blue/white assorted plates & bowls
219Doll carriages, (3)
220Art; oil on canvas, boats docked, signed lower left, F-20" by 16"

221Art; oil on canvas, signed bottom left, boats in harbor, F-20" by 16"

222Pottery; 6 crock with lid
222AArt; print whales swimming, F-28" X 22"
223Art; print whales swimming, F-28" X 22"
223AArt; print whales swimming, F-28" X 22"
223BArt; print whales swimming, F-28" X 22"
224Autographs; Michael Chabon, Archer Mayor

225Carved figure with evenly spaced holes along its back

226Misc.; lama, stone carvings, watch, bowl, etc.
227Rolling pins: (3) wood, glass & porcelain
228Furniture; coffee table with oval marble top,
229Books; A Bestiary, Das Schwalbenhaus, etc.
230Art; David, Zelda, artist proof "Out Stretcher" 17" by 21"
231Art; Fisk, G. watercolor, shepherd with dog & flock, F-15&3/4" by 18&3/4"
232Glassware; cut glass peacock vase, H-12"
233Glassware; cut glass decanter, round tray, clear to yellow bowl, etc.
234Art; colorful Andrienne Dere portrait, unframed 28" X 20" signed G. Mornchi
235Poster; CI Crime Scene Investigating, South of Northeast Kingdom
236Art; Troy, M.W. Portrait man's face looking up
237Photo Three Stooges, Understudy For Death, Thomas Friedman
238Poster; New York Library Hebrew Books & Manuscripts, Harizo's epigram
239Art; engraving "The Public Lecture" F-10&3/4" x 8&3/4"
240Art; Boss, David, football-San Francisco 49ers, oil on canvas, 20&1/4" by 26&1/4"
241Art; Dewberry, Thomas P. watercolor farm in winter, F-29" by 21&1/2'

242Art; (2) engravings Canterbury Cathedral
243Fishing; Penn N0. 49 reel
244Misc.; Ben Franklin bank, pewter state spoons, model car, Ronson gun
245Canon, PT 76 Char amphilbie
246Needlework; woman reclining, framed 29&1/4" by 23&1/4"
247Ephemera; I-Spy travel books, maps, misc.
247AWWII commemorative plaque, 3" by 1&3/4"
248Ephemera; local papers, photos, billheads, etc.
249Furniture; stenciled lamp table, Watkins Bros table
250Art; (3) Japanese unframed wood block prints, (2) signed Kuwata

251Art; color lithograph, "Revelrie" Chagall 21&1/4" X 18&1/2"
252Art; Cooke, Darwyn. Signed illustration
253Autograph photos; Archer Mayor, Roger Levin
254Autographs; Nicholas A. Basbanes, Bill Pronzini

255Toys; Dinky Leyland cement truck with box, John Deer tractor
256Bank, metal cow, wooden 11" police figure
257Jewelry; necklaces, tie clasps, paperweight, etc.
258Scarves; 80+ & misc. linens
259Art; mythology print & water color of city street
260Art; unframed watercolor & charcoal scenic view
261Books; LeRoy Neinman's art, Science Fiction, Silver Jubilee, etc.
262Lighting; 3 piece set- floor lamp & 2 table lamps
263Lighting; five arm glass chandelier
264Furniture; Windsor chair
265Furniture; marble top coffee table
266Art; racial depiction African Americans playing cards, "The Call" 24&3/4" X 21"
266AArt; racial depiction African Americans, "Honey does yo lub yo man?"
267Art; racial depiction African Americans, "Lawd chile yo gwine to marry rich."
268Ironstone & other white china
269Skis; Abercrombie & Fitch, wooden
270Frames; (3) walnut
271Lobster trap, wooden peel
272trunks; Overland & western theme wooden trunk
273Clocks; (2) Smiths, Seth Thomas
274Clocks; 2- Seth Thomas, 1-Sessions
275Chatillon 200 lbs. capacity scale, Dietz light
276Pottery; #2 jug, #3 crock, funnel, chamber bowl
277Furniture; metal stand for pitcher & bowl wash set
278Pottery; bean pots, crocks, blue white pitcher
279Tools; Stanley level, wrenches, drill, iron dipper
280Sampler; D. E. Jones 72, F-22&1/4" by 26&1/4"
281Noritake Sahara pattern set, 30+ pieces
282Cats; (3)
283Poster Shutter Island
284Print; stain glass window
285Furniture; stenciled rocking chair
286Furniture; black rocking chair with floral upholstery
287Furniture; red upholstered chair
288Misc.; ceramic mushroom, maracas, GE radio, jar of keys
289Misc.; washboard, airplane, signs, Star Wars figures, metal plates, etc.
290Misc.; match box cars, other toy cars, etc.
291Books; Currier & Ives, Art of Japan, School For Scandals. Atlas
292Pottery; banded bowls, funnel, other bowls
293Photo; crew boat on river, Lithograph hockey titled Break Away
294Oil lamps, decanter, wall shelf
295Curtains (11), punch bowl with 12 cups
296Tapestry of boy fishing, toy boat
297Fabric; (2) woven pieces

298Art; floral prints
299Fireplace tools with stand
300Game boards & 2 parasols
301Furniture; pair of upholstered arm chairs
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