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Full List

3Maine At Gettysburg. Report To The Commissioners. 3/4 Leather. (1898).

4Bradbury, Ray. (5) Books. All Are Signed. Dandelion Wine. * The October Country. * The Martian Chronicles. * The Illustrated Man. * Stories.
5Miller, Henry. Black Spring. Obelisk Press. (1938).
6The Dublin Book of Irish Verse. With James Joyce. First Edition. (1909).

7Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Tarzan and The Foreign Legion. First Edition. With Dust Jacket. (1947).
8Barrett. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Cincinnati. (1860).
9Photography. (7) Books. Ben Shahn. * Edward Weston. * Annie Leibovitz.. * Ansel Adams. * Man Ray.
10Dana, Henry Dana. Two Years Before The Mast. NY. (1841)
11Stowe, Harriet Beecher. The Pearl of Orr's Island. (5) 19th Century Copies.
12The Criminal Calendar or An Awful Warning to The Youth of America. Boston. (1831).
13Natural History. (5) 19th Century Books. With Color Plates.
14Rodin. La Varende. Paris. Portfolio.

15Sendak, Maurice. (2) First Edition Books. Little Bear. * Father Bear Comes Home by Else Holmelund Minarik. (1950's).
16Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. (7) Route Books. (1949-1955).
17Ruins of The Great Fire At Portland, Me. July 4th & 5th
1866. Lithograph Published by Buford Brothers. Framed.
18Tiger's Grand March. Composed For The Boston Light Infantry. Sheet Music. Framed. (1845).
19Paris Sous Napoleon III. Book with Color Illustrations. Circa 1850's-60's.

20A. B. Frost. The American Sportsman's Artist By Henry w. Lanier. NY. Derrydale Press. 1/950. (1933).

21Science and Technology. (6) 19th Century Books.

22Children's Books (6). All Are Signed. Includes Baskin and Jamie Wyeth.

23The Lady's Magazine. (2) Bound Volumes. (1788 & 1804).
24Maine. (6) Books. History of Turner. * Windham in The
Past. * Kittery and Eliot in The American Revolution. * Bowdoin in The World War. * History of Buckfield.* History of Waldoboro.
25 Kipling, Rudyard. The Benefactors. NY. 1/91 Copies. (1930).

26Fine Press and Limited Editions. (6) Books. Evelyn Waugh. * The Book of The Fraternity Club. * Sacheverell Sitwell.
27Doyle, Arthur Conan. (3) Books. The Hound of The Baskervilles. NY. (1902). * The White Company. London. (1891). * The Surgeon of Gaster Fell. Seaside Library. (1895).
28Maine 19th Century Periodicals. (66). Old Times. * Bangor Historical Magazine.
29Sport. (4) Books. Who's Who in the Major Leagues. (1936). * How to Camp Out. (1877). * The Androscoggin Lakes. (1884). * Philosophy in Sport. (1855).

30Harpers Weekly. John Brown's Invasion at The South. November 19, 1859. Cover. Framed.
31Lasso de la Vega. Historia General Del Peru. (1722).
32Spenser, Edmund. The Faerie Queene. Volume III. London. (1751).
33Science Fiction. (6) Books. Murray Leinster. Sideways in Time. Signed. (1950). * Fritz Leiber. Ship of Shadows.
Signed. (1979). * Frederik Pohl. The Way The Future Was.
Signed. 1/500. (1979).
34Gibbon, Edward. The History of The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire. (6) Volumes. Full Leather. (1822).
35Brauded, Edward. Civilization & Capitalism 15th-18th Century. (3) Volumes. First U.S. Edition. (1979).
36Ephemera. Marble Related Ads, Catalogs, Price Lists and Articles. (18) Large Folios.

37Mysteries. (5) Books. Dashiell Hammett. The Glass Key. (1931). * Mary Roberts Rinehart. The Door. 1930). Fred M. White. The Midnight Guest. (1907).
38Responsinum Et Consultationum Medicinalium. Full Vellum. (1646).
39Hand Colored Print. Veduta Del Ponte, E Chiesa Di S. Trinita. Framed.
40Maine. (11) Books. Maine Becomes A State. * Village Of
Cogkell. * Yarmouth A History. * History of Ogunquit Village. * Civil War Journal Of A Maine Volunteer. British Ballads From Maine.
41The Religion Of Nature Delineated. Sheridan's Copy. Full Leather. Dublin. (1726).
42Bruele. Praxis Medicinae Theorica Et Empirica. Part I. Full Vellum. (1647).
43Bulletin De La Societe Industrielle. (8) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. (1800's).
44Harvard. (8) Books. The Harvard Guide Book. (1895). Life Of Henry Dunster. (1872). * Harvard Episodes. (1897).

Twenty Harvard Crews. (1923).
45Erasmus. Roterodami Colloquia Familiaria. (1712).
46in. Anti-Lucretius Sive De Deo Et Natura. Full Vellum. (1748).
47Grisley. Desengano Para a Medicina. Full Leather. (1754).
48Science Fiction Paperback Books. (126).
49Wild Flowers Of America. Botanical Fine Art Weekly. (16) Issues. (1894).
50Huxley, Aldous. (11) Books. The Olive Tree. (1936). * Antic Hay. (1923). * Beyond The Mexique Bay. (1934). Jesting Pilate. (1926). Ape And Essence. (1949).
51Combe, William. The Tour Of Doctor Syntax. 3/4 Leather. NY. With Color Plates.

52Bogardus, Captain A. H. Field, Cover, And Trap Shooting. NY. (1884). In A Tray Case.
53Stevenson, Robert Louis. A Child's Garden Of Verses. First U.S. Edition. (1895).
54Hearn, Lafcadio. (3) Books. Exotics And Retrospectives. (1899). * In Ghostly Japan. (1899). * Biography. (1912).
55Alchemy. (6) Books.
56Poetry and Music. (6) Books. Andrade. Poems And Songs. Signed. * Rafael Alberti. * Pedro Salinas.
57Western America. (6) Books. Davis. Seventy - Five Years In California. * Scott. The Saga Of Lake Tahoe. (2) Volumes. Signed. * Juan Rivera's Colorado 1765. * Chicago And The Old Northwest. 1673 - 1835. * The Bozeman Trail.
58Q. Sept. Florentis Tertulliani. Lacks Portrait. Full Vellum. (1656).
59Prints. (30). Includes Maxfield Parrish.

60Asian Print of a Fishing Village. Framed.
61Photography. (4) Books. Lowell Connector: Lines & Shots From Kerouac's Town. Signed. * A Day's Work. Historic Maine Photographs. * Nevill Johnson. * Timothy H.
62London, Jack. (5) Books. Burning Daylight. (1910). * The Sea - Wolf. (1904). *Michael Brother Of Jerry. (1917). * The Iron Heel. (1908).
63Borget, Auguste. En Las Pampas Y Los Andes. Buenos Aires. (1960).
64Color Lithograph. Harbour And Town Of Vathy, Ithaca. Edward Lear.
65Cardanus. Heieronymi Cardani Arcana Politica. Full Vellum. (1635).
66Children's Books. Signed. (5). * Thornton Burgess. * Elizabeth Harrington. * Witter Bynner. * Tasha Tudor. * Rupert Sargent Holland.

67Pagenstecher. Pagenstecheri Ic Orationes Duae Matrimo Vid Ui. Full Vellum. (1700).
68Blumenbach. Institutions Physiologiques. (1797).
69M. De Pradt. Narrative Of An Embassy To Warsaw And Wilna With Personal Attendance On The Emperor Napoleon. 3/4 Leather. London. (1816).
70Chase After a Wolf. Sam Howett. Color Lithograph. Framed. (1819).
7119th Century Medicine. (5) books.
72Ephemera. Pamphlets. Trade Catalog. The Modern Storyteller. (1816).
73Starlog Magazine. Number 1 - 104. (104) Issues.
74The History of The Science Fiction Magazine. (3) Volumes. * Stan Lee. (4) Marvel Origins Books.
75Science Fiction Pulps. (20). Astounding. * Worlds Beyond. * Avon Fantasy Reader. (1930's - 1960's).
76Wright, Harry Andrew. The Story of Western
Massachusetts. (4) Volumes. (1949). * Judd, Sylvester. The History Of Hadley Mass. (1976).
77The American Lady's Medical Pocket-Book. Full Leather. Circa 1830's.
78Valerius. Dictorum Factorum. (1558).
79Allen's Human Anatomy. (6) Volumes. Philadelphia. (1883).
80Woodbridge, John Eliot. Typhoid Fever And Its Abortive Treatment. Cleveland. (1896).
81The Tour Of Doctor Syntax. Hand - Colored Plates. 3/4 Leather.
82Helvetius. L'oeconomie Animale. Full Leather. (1727).
83A Pronouncing Gazetteer Of The Philippine Islands. War Department. Ashington. (1902).

84Wise, John. A System Of Aeronautics. Philadelphia. (1850).
85Reuss. Repertorium Commentationum. (8) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. (1801).
86Books On Games. (7). The XYZ Of Whist. (1897). * Parlor Theatricals. (1859). * Dick's Games Of Patience Or Solitaire With Cards. (1883).

87Children's Books. (11). Illustrated. * Kate Greenaway. * Frederick Richardson. * Joseph Eugene Dash.

88Maine. (6) Books. * Pullen. The Twentieth Maine. Civil War. * History Of York. Full Leather. (1931). * Moulton. Grandfather Tales Of Scarborough. (1925). Pepperrell borough First Church Records 1762-98. (1914).
89Manvale Novi Testamenti. Full Vellum. (1741).
90Barreme. L'Aritmetique De Barreme. Full Leather. Paris. (1705).
91Sporting And Africa. (7) Books. * Lady Jack. Critters In
Africa. (1931). * Roosevelt, Theodore. Outdoor Pastimes
Of An American Hunter. (1905). * Hill, Frederick. Salmon
Fishing. (1948). * Kites, Clifford L. Reminiscences Of An Old Fisherman. Signed. (1951). * Gadabout Gaddis. The Flying Fisherman. Signed. (1967).
92Scarpa. Traite Pratique Des Maladies Des Yeux. (2) Volumes. Full Leather. Paris. (1811).
93Theodori De Mayerne. Praxis Medica. Lacks Portrait. Full Vellum. (1691).
94Vega. Opera. Lacks Pages. (1587).
95Watson, Richard. A Collection Of Theological Tracts. (6) Volumes. Full Leather. (1791).
96Children's Books. (7). Illustrated. * Maurice Sendak. * A. A. Milne. * Kate Greenaway. * Harrison Caddy.

97Riviere. Consiliarii Medici. Opera. Lacks 1/2 Title. Vellum. (1713).
98Literature In Dust Jackets. (11). * William Saroyan. * E. B. White. * John Ashbery. * Langston Hughes. * Albert Camus. * Nabokov.
99Riolan. Artis Medicinalis Theoricae Systema. (3) Volumes in (1). Full Vellum. (1629).
100Works Of The Late Benjamin Franklin. (2) Volumes in (1). Full Leather. (1794).
10119th Century Fine Leather Bindings. (17). * Thackeray. * Homer. * James.
102Valentine, Daniel W. The United States Half Dimes. Lawrence, Mass. (1975).
103Higgins, J. S. Subdivisions Of The Public Lands. St. Louis. (1894).
104Rowling, J. K. * Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. London First Edition. (2000).
10519th Century Geography School Books. (5). * Vues De Paris Prises Au Daguerreotype.

106Cellarius. Orationes Ex Historicis Latinis. Full Vellum. (1732).
107Military (3) Books. * General Sir Hope Grant. Incidents In
The Sepoy War 1857 - 58. (1873). * Koebell, W. H. British Exploits In South America. (1917). * The Three Hundred And First Engineers. A History 1917 - 1919. (1920).
108Science Fiction Paperbacks. (117).

109Shea, Augustus J. * Clontarf. Field Of The Green Banner. Signed. NY. (1843).

110Autograph Book. Ca. Az. Mt. Includes James G. Blaine. (1880's).

111Psychology (3) Books. * Dr Theodor Reik. Probleme Der Religionspsychologie. Signed. (1919). * Freud.

Neurosenlehere. (1918). * Buchner. Ubersinnlichen Din gen. (1924).
112Darwin. On The Origin Of Species. NY. (1870).
113Marci Hieronymi Vidae. Cremonensis, Albae Episcopi, Poematum. (2) Volumes. Full Leather. (1722).
114Planck, Max. Physikalische Rundblicke. First Edition. Leipzig. (1922).
11517th And 18th Century Books On Mathematics. Full Leather. (3).

116Bilquer. Inutilite De L'Amputation. (1773).
117Signed Books (9). Chuck Yeager. * Clarence Clemons. * Elvis Costello. * John Irving. * Robert Penn Warren.
118Zimmermann. Prospecto Politico Do Estado Actualk Da Europa. (1799).
119Silliman, Benjamin. Elements Of Chemistry. Volume Two Only. New Haven. (1831).
120Art (3) Books Signed. * George Rodrigue. Blue Man Dog. * The Works Of Bob Drinon. * Eric Hopkins. Waypoints.

121Reference. (5) Books. The Manuscripts of D. H. Lawrence. * The Way Of A Ship. * The Union Bo
122Science Fiction Ephemera. Bookmarks. * Pinbacks. * Magazines.

123Lacroix's Traite Des Differences Et Des Series. (2) Volumes. Paris. (1800).
124Human Rights. Declaration Des Droits De L'Homme. Porcelain / Metal Sign.
125Missale Divionense. Paris. Full Leather. (1767).
126Antiphonarium Bajocense. Full Leather. (1739).
127Hawthorne, Nathaniel. (2) Books. Liberty Tree. Boston. (1842). * True Stories. Boston. (1851).

128Civil War. (3) Books. * Adjutant Stearns. Boston. (1862). * Locke. Three Years In Camp And Hospital. Boston. (1870).
* Johns, Henry T. Life With The 49th Mass. Volunteers.
Pittsfield. (1864).
129Rickett, Harold William. Wild Flowers Of The United States. (6) Volumes In Slipcases With (14) Books. First Edition. (1966).
130Nares, Capt. Sir George S. * Journals And Proceedings Of The Artic Expedition, 1857 - 6. 3/4 Leather. London. (1877).
131Cirillo, Dr. Domenico. Osservazioni Pratiche Intornoalla Lue Venerea. (1786).
132Pius VI. Geheiligte Gottseligkeite. (1712).

133Wall Scroll Map Of North America. Jacob Monk. (1852).
134Wall Scroll Map Of New Haven. (1856).
135Illustrated Leaf. In A Mat.
136Moore, George. Peronnik The Fool. Engravings By Stephen Gooden. 1/525. London. (1933).

137Science. (6) 19th Century Books.

138Artic Exploration. (19) 19th And 20th Century Books. * Tyson. Artic Experiences. NY., (1874). * Nourse. The Ice Zones. Boston. (1884). *Chapman. Northern Lights. London. (1932). * Greely. Three Years Of Artic Service. (2) Volumes. NY. (1886).
139Verne, Jules. A Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Early U.S. Printing. Boston.
140Russell's Map Of Boston. Pocket Size. (1883).

141Art And Architecture. (3) Books. * Stickley. Craftsman Homes. * Reaves, Wendy Wick. Celebrity Caricature In America. Signed. * A City For Impressionism. Rouen.
142Medical. (7) 18th And 19th Century Books.
143Steinbeck, John. A Russian Journal. First Edition With Dustjacket. (1948).
144Sammelband of 18th Century Plays.
145La Caille. Mathematiques. Paris. (1764). * Paulian. Mathematiciens. Paris. (1772).
146Illustrated Classics. (3) Books. * Jessie Willcox Smith. A
Child's Garden of Verses. (1926). * N. C. Wyeth. Robinson Crusoe. (1920). * Mabel Lucie Attwell. Peter Pan and Wendy. (1930).
14719th Century Leather Bindings. (8) Books.
148Bachelor Belles. Illustrated By Harrison Fisher. In A

Custom Tray case. NY. (1908). * Watanna, Onoto. A
Japanese Nightingale. Illustrated By Genijro Yeto. (1903).
149Houghton, Edwin R. The Campaigns Of The 17th Maine. With Pencil Underlining. Portland. (1866).
150Swallow, Robert W. * Sidelights On Peking Life. 3/4 Green Leather. Peking. (1930).
151Children's Books Illustrated (6). * Firelight Fairy Book.
(1923). * Three Little Cotton Tails. (1929). * The Water Babies. * Little Lord Fauntleroy. (1886). * The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book. * Arthur Rackham. Cinderella.
152Titus Lucretius Carus. [De Rerum Natura]. Full Leather. (1748).
153Sterne, Laurence. A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy. Illustrated by Maurice Leloir. Portfolio. NY. (1884).

154Titi Lucretii. Cara De Rerum Natura Libri Sex. Full Leather. (1713).
155Bezout. Cours De Mathematiques. (3) Odd Volumes. Including (2) Plate Volumes. (1767).
156Forgery. (12) Books. The LDS Church And Mark Hofmann. Also Includes Other Literary Forgeries.
157lucretii. Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex. Full Vellum. (1602).
158Schlieffen, Count Alfred Von. Cannae. With Maps. Kansas. (1936).
159Shaw, Bernard. The Collected Works Of. (30) Volumes. 1/1790 Sets. NY. (1932).
160Eliot, T. S. Ezra Pound. NY. (1917).
161Lowell, James. Biglow Papers. First Edition.
162Exner. Repertorium Der Physik. (10) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. (1890). * Scheel, Karl. Physik Der Materie. #/4 Leather. (1901).
163Literature. (4) Books. * Bell, Currer. The Professor. NY. (1857). * Holt, Felix. The Radical. NY. (1866). * Sinclair, Upton. The Goose-Step. California. * Kipling, Rudyard. Captains Courageous. NY. (1897).Most Are U.S. First Editions.

164Alcott, Louisa M. Little Women. Boston. (1869).
165Starcks, Johann Friedrich. Tagliches Handbuch. Full Leather with Metal Clasp. Philadelphia. (1831).
166Foote, John Taintor. (8) Books.
167Chubb, Thomas. A Collection Of Tracts. Full Leather. London. (1730).
168Orfila. Elemens De Chimie. (2) Volumes. Paris. (1819).
169London, Jack. * John Barleycorn. NY. (1913). The Cruise Of The Snark. NY. (1911). * Doyle, A. Conan. The Adventures Of Gerard. NY. (1903). All Are First Or U. S. First Editions.
170Benjamin. Essays, Political And Philosophical. (2) Volumes In (1). Full Leather. Boston. (1798).
171The Charter Of The City Of New York. (1836).
172Fine Leather Bindings. (8) Books. Most Are 19th Century Editions.

173Roscoe, Thomas. The Tourist In Italy. London. (1831).
174Beadle, J. H. * Life In Utah; Or Mysteries And Crimes Of Mormonism. Atlanta. (1870).

175Twain, Mark. * A Tramp Abroad. First Edition. First State. Hartford. (1880).
176Tunney, Gene. A Man Must Fight. Signed. (1932).

177Shakespeare. (18) Miniature Books.
178The American Guide Series. (11) Volumes. WPA. (1930's - 40's).
179Ramsay, Sr. Andrew. * A New Cyropaedia; Or The Travels Of Cyrus. Full Leather. London. (1760.
180The Dealings Of God, Man, And The Devil. Travels Of Lorenzo Dow. Full Leather. Norwich. (1833).
181Den Femte Olympiaden. Stockholm. (1912).

182Asian Books Of Calligraphy. (19).
183The Genuine Works Of Flavius Josephus. (6) Volumes. NY. (1842).
184Unpublished Poems Of Emily Dickinson. 1/525. Boston. (1935).
185Chateaubriand. Atala. Illustrated by Gustav Dore. (1884).
186Asian Illustrated Book With Calligraphy.

187Henrici Clintonis. Fasti Hellenici. 3/4 Leather. (1830).
18819th Century Leather Bindings. (9) Books.
189James, Will. (9) Books. Cowboy Stories. (1930's - 40's).
190Rosenberg, Louis Conrad. Cottages Farmhouses and Other Minor Buildings In England Of The 16th, 17th And 18th Centuries. NY. (1923).
191Illustrated Books (4). * Aubrey Beardsley. Salome. Boston. (1920). * Maxfield Parrish. The Golden Age. (1900). * Rockwell Kent. N By E. (1930). * Alexander King.

Salammbo. Full Leather (1930).
192Alaska. (5) Books. * Goulet. Rugged Years On The Alaska Frontier. (1949). * Arctander. The Apostle Of Alaska. (1909). * Jacobsen. Alaskan Voyage 1881 - 1883. * McLain. Alaska And The Klondike. (1909). * Helmericks.
We Live In The Artic. (1947).
193Oeuvres De J. Barbey D'Aurevilly. (2) Volumes. Partial Leather. Paris.
194Browning, Robert. The Ring And The Book. (4) Volumes. Armorial Binding. London. (1872).

195Rickett, Harold William. Wild Flowers Of The United States. (6) Odd Volumes.
196Reference books (3). * James. The Potters and Potteries of Chester County Penn. (1945). * Agner. The Books Of WAD. Books Designed By W. A. Dwiggins.(1974). * Les Ballets Russes. (1955).

197Maxwell. History Of Tucker County, West Virginia. Full Leather. Kingwood. (1884).
198Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Bound Volume 1. June To November 1850. Published In (1850).
199Reference books (4). * Nott. The Flowery Kingdom.

(1947). * Symonds. Thomas Thompson His Life And Work.
* John Peter Zenger. Bibliography Of Zenger Imprints.
(1904). * Ramkalawon. Kitaj Prints.(2013).
200Turner's Annual Tour. The Seine (1834).
20119th Century Leather Bindings (7).
202Mystery. Francis, Dick. (5) U. S. First Editions. * Blood Sport. * Knockdown. * Smokescreen. * Slayride. * In The Frame.
203Macy, Obed. The history Of Nantucket. Mansfield. (1880).
204The Battle Of Waterloo. Full Leather. NY. (1819).

205Pictorial History Of New York. (2) Volumes. In Modern Bindings. (1843).
206Dickens, Charles. (3) U. S. Editions. * Nicholas Nickleby.
(1842). * David Copperfield. * Dombey And Son. (1848).
207Smart, Martin. The Adventures Of Gil Blas. (4) Volumes. Partial Leather. London. (1807).
208Exhibition Supplement To The Illustrated London News. Bound Volume (1851).

209Birket Foster's Pictures Of English Landscape. India Proofs. 1/1000. London. (1881).

210Edwards, Arthur M. Life Beneath The Waters; Or, The Aquarium In America. NY. (1858).
211Jazz. (4) Books. * Nat Hentoff. * Bird Lives. * Original Dixieland Jazz Band. * Pollini, Francis. Night. (1961).
212Music. 19th Century Bound Volume. 3/4 Leather.

213Literature. First Editions. (6). Cummings. The Enormous Room. (1922). * Wharton. The Fruit Of The Tree. (1907).
The Custom Of The country. (1913). * Harte. Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands. (1873). * Conrad. The Secret Agent. (1907). The Rover. (1923).
214Photography. (6) Books. (4) Are Signed. J. J. Huckin. * Peter Bellamy. * Charis Wilson. * Birney Imes.
215Edmundson, William. A Journal Of The Life. Full Leather. London. (1774).

216Austin, Jane G. Nantucket Scraps. (1892).
217Alcoholics Anonymous. Second Edition, New. (1955).
218Art And Photography. (8) Books. * Theatre 1 - 5. * Thomas Demand. * Rauschenberg / Art And Life. Signed. * Joseph Albers.

219Remington, Frederic. A Catalogue Raisonne. (2) Volumes In A Slipcase. (1996).
220Genealogy. (8) Books. The Balls in Virginia. * The Scotch -
Irish. * The Fitch Family In England And America. * Kirby
Kin. * Anderson - Krogh. * Judge Karl Bechtel Of Hanau, Germany.
221De Witt Clinton. Tribute To The Memory Of. 3/4 Leather. Albany. (1828).
222Harris, Thaddeus William. A Treatise On Insects Injurious To Vegetation. Color Plates. 3/4 Leather. Boston. (1862).

223Raovl Dal Molin Ferenoza. Zodiacale Opera Religiosa. Roma. (1919).
224The Shipbuilder's Repository 1788. 1/750 copies. (1992).
225Yook, Myong Shim. Tibet The Land Nearest To Heaven. Signed.
226Paine, Thomas. Life And Writings Of. (10) Volumes. 1/500 Sets. NY. (1908).
227Toys 1900 to 1970. Pressland's Blechspielzeuge Der Welt. Color Photographs. German Text. In A Slipcase. (1995).
228Football And Wrestling. (4) Books. Mills. Kicking The
American Football. Signed. (1936). * Rainbolt. The Minnesota Vikings. Signed By The Team. Including Fran Tarkenton. (1973). * Smith. Dan Gable: The Wrestler. Signed. (1974). * Pehlivan. Modern Free Style Wrestling Techniques.
229White, Rev. Gilbert. The Natural History Of Selborne. 3/4 Leather. Edinburgh. (1833).

230Beck, John B. * Essays On Infant Therapeutics. Signed William Frothingham. NY. (1852).
231Ornithology And Natural History. (5) Books. Encyclopedia Of Aviculture. (3) Volumes. London. (1970). * Crummer. Mig Robin. (1909). * Pliocene Floras Of California And Oregon. Washington. (1944).

232Inquiry Into King Charles I. Transactions Of The Earl Of Glamorgan. Full Leather. London. (1747).

233Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Agnes Of Sorrento. First English Edition. London. (1862).
234Christianity. * Family Bible. Embossed Leather. (1861). * Die Bible. NY. Full Embossed Leather. * Arndy's Wahres Christenthum. Partial Leather. Philadelphia.
235Reference. (4) Books. Morse. John Sloan's Prints. (1969). * Winlock. Excavations At Deir El Bahri 1911 - 1931. (1942). * Delafield. The Unfortified Boundary. (1943). * Smith. A Sentimental Library. Books Owned by Famous Writers. (1914).
236Lamport, Felicia. Scrap Irony. Signed. Illustrated By Edward Gory. (1961).
237Albrecht Durer's Von Joseph Heller. Hamburg. (1827).
238Smith , Joshua Hett. * An Authentic Narrative Of The Death Of Major Andre. London. (1808).
239Theodore Roosevelt. State Of NY Memoriam. (1919). * Facentia Americana. * DeCasseres, Benjamin. Anathema.
(1928). * Layette. La Princesse De Cleves. Paris.
240Missale Romanum. Editio 23. Full Leather. (1930's).

241Addison, Joseph. Miscellaneous Works In Verse And Prose. (3) Volumes. Full Leather. London. (1826).
242Herzen, Alexander. My Past And Thoughts. The Memoirs Of. (4) Volumes. NY. (1968).
243Stuart, I. W. * Life Of Captain Nathan Hale. Hartford. (1856).
244Letters Of Brunswick And Hessian Officers During The American Revolution. 3/4 Leather. Albany. (1891).
245Hugo, Victor. Les Misérables. 3/4 Leather. NY. (1863).
246Vidal, Gore. Lincoln. Signed. Franklin library. * Warren, Robert Penn. Audubon. Signed. First Edition. (1969).
247Children's Books (2) .* Baum, L., Frank. Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz. (1908). * Gale, Leah. Hurdy - Gurdy Holiday.
Lithographs By Barbara Latham. First Edition. (1942).
248The Infinity Gauntlet. Marvel Comics. Issues 1 Through 6.
249Comic Books (300 + ). DC. * Marvel. * EC. (1970's - 1990's).

250Maps. (2). Plan Of London. * Edinburgh. Framed.

251Hebrew Prayer Books. (6). One is (1866). Presentation Copies.

252Carroll, Lewis. * The Hunting Of The Snark. 17th Thousand. London. (1876).
253Leather Bindings. * Farrar, Frederic W. The Early Days Of Christianity. (2) Volumes. (1882). * Tennyson. (3) Volumes. 19th Century.
254Sammelband Of Sermons. Circa 1800 - 1810's.
255American Guide Series. (11) Volumes. (1930's - 1940's).
256Waters, Nicholas B. * A System Of Surgery. Extracted From The Works Of Benjamin Bell. Full Leather.
Philadelphia. (1802).
257Bemelmans, Ludwig. * Madeline. First Issue. (1939).
258Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Full Leather. London. (1853).
259Hugo, Victor. The works Of. (8) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. Boston. Joseph Knight Publishers.
260Limited Editions. (2). * Flaubert, Gustave. Un Coer Simple. 3/4 Leather. 1/1000. Paris. (1913). * Saint - Pierre, Bernardin De. Paul & Virginia. 3/4 Leather. 1/433.

Edinburgh. (1881).
261Literature. Some First Editions. (6) Volumes. * Virginia Wolf. * August Derleth. * Ayn Rand. * W. H. Auden.
262Architecture. (2) Volumes. Hunt. Designs For Parsonage Houses, Alms Houses. London. (1827). * Sessional Papers Of The Royal Institute Of British Architects. London. (1863).

263California. (3) Volumes. * Taylor, William. California Life.
(2) Copies. (1858). * San Francisco Municipal Reports. (1881).
264Poetry. (5) Volumes. * Brown, Francis Swan. Verses.
Signed. (1911). * Wiley, Sara King. Alcestis. Signed. (1905).
265Baedeker's Travel Guides. (7) Volumes. (1900's).
266Haug, Emile. Traite De Geologie. (2) Volumes. 3/4 Leather. Paris. (1911).
267Science. (3) volumes. * Allen, John. Synopsis Medicine.

Full Leather. London. (1749). * Bigelow, Jacob. Plants Of Boston. (1824). * Olivier - Beauregard. La Caricature Egyptienne. Paris. (1894).
268Les Confessions De S. Augustin. Full Leather. Paris. (1760).
26918th Century Americana. (2) Volumes. The Life Of Doctor Benjamin Franklin. Full Leather. New - London. (1798). * J. Mallet Du Pan. The History Of The Helvetic Union. Full Leather. Boston. (1799).
270Wright, Thomas. The History Of Scotland. (2) volumes. 3/4 Leather.
271Comic Books. (300+). Marvel. * DC. (1980's - (1990's).

272Native American. (4) Volumes. * Autobiography Of Rev.
Alvin Torry. Auburn. (1861). * James. Indians Of The Painted Desert Region. Boston (1903). * Klummis. The Man Who Married The Moon. NY. (1894). * De Forest.
History Of The Indians Of Conn. Hartford. (1851).
273Miscellaneous Early Printings. (5) Volumes. 18th And 19th Century.

274Civil War. (4) Volumes. * Kidd. Personal Recollections Of A Cavalryman. Michigan. (1908). * Stevens. Souvenir Of The 14th Conn. Reunion At Antietam 1891. Washington.

(1893).* History Of The 17th Mass. Volunteers In The Civil War. Salem. * The Civil War On The James River 1861 - 1862.
275Hamilton. Indian Treaties. Full Leather. (1826).
276Sidonius. Opera. Lacks Two Leaves. Full Leather. (1609).
27719th Century Illustrated Volumes (5). * Balzac. * Dickens. * Frank Adams.
278Scheda. General - Carte. Lacks One Section. (1850's).
279Pliny. Epistolae Et Panegyricus. Full Leather. (1741).
280Perret. Erreurs Superstitions Doctrines Medicales. Paris. (1879).
281Pieraccini. La Stirpe De' Medici Di Cafaggiolo. (3) Volumes.
28217th And 18th Century Medical. (8) Volumes.
283Bound Music. 3/4 Leather. 19th Century.
28419th Century Americana. (6) Volumes. * Boston Events. * Life Of Benjamin Franklin. * Trial Of Andrew Johnson. *
History Of Sussex County, NJ. * History Of Newburyport.
285Hamilton. My Sixty Years on the Plains. 1909
286Hemingway. Old man & the Sea. 1st UK with dust jacket

287Rorschach. Psychodiagnostik. 10 plates.

288Victorian Studies Volumes 1-58 (lacking some issues)

289Victorian Periodicals Review. (150+) Issues.
290Andy Warhol Photographed By Edward Judice. Signed. New York City 1985.
291Sabatier. Traite Complet D'Anatomie. Volumes 1 & 2 (of 3). Full Leather. Paris. (1791).
292The Waterloo Directory Of Scottish Newspapers And Periodicals, 1800 - 1900. (2) Volumes. (1989).
29319th Century Leather Bindings (7).
294Michener, James A. First Editions (6). Texas Is Signed.

295Reference. (12) Books. Natural History. * Poster Advertising. * The Crusades.
296Paris, Francklyn W. * Napoleon's Legion. 1/600 Signed. (1927).

297Saint - Exupery, Antoine de. Night Flight. First US Edition In The Dust Jacket. (1932).
298Baum, L. Frank. The Patchwork Girl Of Oz. (1915).
299Russo - Japanese War. German Official Account. (3 ) Volumes. With Maps. London. (1908).
300Dibdin, Frognall. Picturesque Tour In France And
Germany. (4) volumes. (2) Leaves Missing In Volume (4).
Full Leather. London. (1821).
301Musaeus. Volksmaehrchen Der Deutschen. Full Leather. Leipzig. (1842).
302General Sherman. Our Wild Indians. Hartford. (1883).
303Dubansky, Mindell. The Proper Decoration Of Book Covers. The Life And Work Of Alice C. Morse. All Lots Sold As Is

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