April 16th at 5:00 pm & 6:30 for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.

April 16th at 6:30 pm for Main Auction of Collectibles, Antiques and Art.


Preview Tuesday 3 pm – 6:30 pm for main auction.

If you would like to leave a bid on any lots in this antique auction, please email office@nebookauctions.com or call 413-665-3253

Full List For the Auction:Click Here for Full PDF

At 5:00 pm is the Early Bird auction of the first 50+ lots of the listing.
60Silver; .800 German 8" basket, J. Kurz circa 1900

61Silver; .800 German 5&1/2" cup, Augsburg
62Silver; .800 German 5&3/4" footed beaker, Augsburg
63Silver; .835 German, 7" Kiddush cup
64Silver; German open work spice container, H-7&1/4"
65Silver; German filigree spice container H-8&3/4"
66Silver; German spice container H- 3&1/2"
67Silver; German spice container H-5&1/4"
68Silver; German Torah breastplate, h-9&1/2" W-7&1/4"
69Hanukkah lamp; filigree with lion figures H-8&3/4" W-10&1/2"
70Torah breastplate, H-8&1/2" W-7&1/2"
71Torah breastplate, H-6&1/2" W-5"
72Silver; German spice container filigree work H-12"
73Silver; .750 German Hanukkah lamp H-11&1/2" W-15"
74Torah breastplate H-8&1/4" W-6"
75Silver; sterling open work basket with cobalt glass insert H-4&1/2"
76Silver; sterling candlesticks twisted columns, weighted bottoms H-6"
77Silver; .800 German 4 piece tea set- sugar bowl, cream pitcher 2 teapots
78Silver; .950 French Minerva 3&3/4" cup
79Silver; sterling box London 1840's Edwards 4&1/8" by 2" H-1&1/2"
80Silver; sterling box with enamel top Austria 3" by 2" H-1/2"
81Silver; .800 comb & 3 brushes
82Silver; marked .812 ladle
83Silver; .925 box London 3" by 2' H-1/2"
84Silver; sterling spice container H-9"
85Silver; sterling box London 1814 2&1/2" by 1&1/2" H-1/2"
86Silver; sterling 8" wine cup marked Israel
87Silver; sterling hand chased wine cup H-6:
88Silver; sterling marked ESCO h-5&1/2"
89Sterling silver Oxford College Ohio spoons
89A6 Tiffany Sterling Tea spoons
90Jewelry; 24" necklace brass with quail around green glass

91Sterling silver demitasse spoons, coin silver ladle
91ARussian 84 silver Menorah

92Pocket watch; Elgin National Watch Co. 5692402 & 2 pocket watch cases
93Needle & bead work wallet 1850 with scenic view

94Beadwork; 19th cent. folding notebook 6&1/4" by 4&1/2"

95Silver; .925 German tray, Gebr Friedlander berlin 6" by 8&1/4"
96Silver; sterling- 3 matchbox holders, 3 small bowls 2 with coin centers

97Silver; sterling baby's rattle, Tiffany & Co. cup, another cup
98Inkwell. Brass with serpent coiled handle 10&3/4" by 5" H- 4"
99Sewing box, cover reverse painting on glass implements inside some sterling
100Silver; sterling 22" 3 tier dessert stand, with swans

101Silver; sterling 10" compote
102Silver; sterling floral incense stand H- 6&1/2"
103Silver; sterling 8" footed tray, England
104Silver; .825 wine cup 4&3/4"
105Fans; hand three
106Art; "Sileneus & Attendants" steel engraving
107Eye glasses, 2 with wire rims, 1 other & cases
!07ARussian 84 Silver Egg on Stand

108Pins; 1901 basketball team, (2) 1913 Grange pin, J. F. Kennedy

109Stereo cards & viewer
110Photography; stereo cards with viewer
111Bisque jar, frosted glass in footed silver frame
111APair of Russian 84 Judaica Censers with shaker holes

112Furniture; mahogany tea table, four sides open & lock

113Silver; .800 German cups holders with Thomas porcelain Bavaria cup inserts

114Silver; .800 German bowl with openwork Rookert 5&1/2" by 4" H-2"
114ARussian 84 Silver Charity box

115Silver; sterling Gotehorg Sweden 1865 cup & another cup
116Silver; .800 German jar with glass insert
117Silver; .800 German openwork basket 5&1/4" by 3&3/8" marked K S
118Silver; .800 German openwork basket with cupids 6" by 4&1/2"
119Silver; .800 German openwork cup holder with 2 other pieces
120Silver; .800 German 6&1/4" tray & wine cup
121Silver; .800 German basket & box, another piece
122Coin; gold 3.5 grams Venice 1 zecchino or sequin
122ACoin; U.S., 1928 Saint-Gaudens double eagle 20 gold wt. 0.9675 oz.
122BCoin; Sweden 1878 Oscar II, gold 20 Kronor, Wt. 8.9606 grains
122CCoin: U.S. 1854-1856 Indian Head 1 dollar, wt. 1.67 grains
122DCoin: Australia, 1884 1/2 Sovereign, wt. 3.992 grains
122ECoin: U.S. 1909 Indian Princess Head 5 dollar, wt. 8.359 grains
122FCoin; Netherlands 1875 Willem III 10 Gulden, wt. 6.73 grains
122GCoin; U.S. 1932 Indian Head 10 dollar, wt. 16.200 grains
122HCoin; Belgium 1875 King Leopold II, 20 France, wt. 6.5 grains
122ICoin; Norway 1910 20 kroner, wt. 8.96 grains
122JCoin; Netherlands 1892-1897, 10 , gulden wt. 6.729 grains
122KCoin; Belgium 1987 Carolus, 50 ECU, wt.17.28 grains
122LCoin: U.S. 1849-1854 liberty head dollar, wt. .048 oz.
122MCoin; U.S. 1856-1889 Indian head 1 dollar, wt. 1.692 grains
122NConfederate States of Richmond 1864 bank note bill
122OCoin; U.S. 1986
122PCoin; U.S. 1964 uncirculated sets (2)
122RRussian Judaic 84 Silver Salt with spoon

123Art; oil on board interior still life F-11" by9"
124Bonnet; 18th century Riegelhaube German silver threads

125Silver; ,800 German footed 4&3/4" cup 1697 Nuremburg

126Silver; .800 German 3&1/2" footed beaker 1700's
127Silver; .800 German 2&1/2" beaker 1700's
128Silver; .800 German open work basket 6&1/4" by 3&1/2" 1790's-1800

129Silver; .800 German mesh change purse
129ASilver; .800 French oval box 4" by 2&3/4" H-1&1/4"
130Misc.; straight razors, keys, toy animals
130AHandbag; silver mesh pouch with drawstrings
131Handbag; mesh with silver relief frame

132Silver; .800 German bowl in shape of carriage pulled by reindeer L-6&1/2"
133Pipe, lidded smoking
133ARussian 84 Silver Yad or Torah pointer

134Walking stick handle in shape of a lion's head including grapes

134ARussian 84 Silver Yad or Torah pointer

135Silver; German footed box mid 19th cent. Augsburg H-3" W-4&1/2"
136Silver; German box 5" by 2&1/2" H-1&1/4" interior view on cover
137Silver; round 3" box with Roman coin on lid (Imp dio cletianus pavc on coin)

138Silver; .800 German 1&1/2" table with 2&3/4" diameter top
138AMap, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. & Hudson River map

139Map, Eastern Canada & U.S. copy of Novi Belgii 1623

140Keys; assorted in display stand
140ARussian 84 Silver Travel Icon with reproduction image

141Handbag; sterling mesh marked Mary H Gram
142Handbag; black & silver knitted with filigree frame
143Handbag; knitted beaded
144Handbag; knitted beaded bag silver & gray
145Handbag; silver & gold beaded
146Handbag, Whiting & Davis, green & silver enamel mesh
147Handbag; drawstring with blue background
148Handbag; beaded with multi-color design
149Handbag; iridescent with purple beading & floral metal frame
150Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Harry Truman
151Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Abe Lincoln
152Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Dwight Eisenhower
153Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Benjamin Franklin
154Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Eleanor Roosevelt
155Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide John F. Kennedy
156Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Will Rogers
156ARussian 84 Silver Travel Icon with reproduction image

157Paperweight; Baccarat sulfide Andrew Jackson
157AFurniture; 3 drawer oak chest with mirror
157BRug; oriental room size
158Paperweights; Strathearn weight & unmarked lace weight
159Flatware; demitasse spoons, coin silver spoons, silver plate misc.
160Music; 13" diameter paper disc. Ehrlich Co.

160ARussian 84 Silver Judaic Inkwell

161Marbles, mostly clay
162Silver; sterling match safe, 1922 field day trophy, mechanical pencil
162ARussian 84 Silver Judaic pair of censers

163Medallic Art Co. 2&1/2" by 2&7/8" Lincoln medals

164Skeleton clock, brass 30 days movement, glass dome cracked
165Clock; Herm Scharlack marked on face brass & blue enamel Z & Co. Paris
166Coverlet; blue & white geometric design
167Art; lithographs- Canvassing For Votes & The Polling

168Silver; .800 German vanity set mirror & 3 brushes
169Pipe, carved with horse on stem
170Silver; .925 Birmingham box 3&1/4" by 3" H-1"
171Silver; sterling (2) napkin holders, tray, (2) cup holders, cup
172Silver; .800 box with relief design octagonal shape H-5/8"
173Silver; .800 urn shape box H-2"
174Vase; amber Arian influence 5&1/2" outside scene in relief

175Statue; Offner, Elliot, cherry wood nude H-40 inches
176Art; pen & ink drawing nude urinating signed lower rt.

177Jewelry; 12K gold filled ring, Swank cufflink set, buckle, etc.
178Silver; 3 piece tea set India, embossed flowers, elephant head shape handles

179Furniture; pair black painted chairs with Asian scene
180Handbags; (2) beaded with metal frames & dark background
181Handbags; (2) beaded pouch with drawstrings, exotic bird on tree & floral
182Handbags; (2) beaded pouch with drawstrings
183Handbags; (2) floral & scenic designs with metal frames
184Handbags; (2) blue & purple beaded with drawstring closures
185Handbags; 2 beaded change bags with metal frames & 1 with beat loop
186Handbags; (3) beaded with drawstrings
187Fireplace dog figure, iron horse
188Misc.; powder horn, Am. Bootjack in shape of a gun, etc.
189Scales, (2)
190Tobacco silks
191Tools; Stanley # 53&1/2 folding rule, plane, folding map rule
192Lighting; Victorian hanging blue glass oil lamp with frame
193Art glass bulbous green vase with metal fruit rim H-6" (1041)
194Porcelain 7" vase with ormolu decoration hairline crack (1040)

195Soapstone carving H-5" W-8" (1035)
196Soapstone carving H-6" W-7&1/2" (1036)
197Statue; man bowling H-7" (1037)
198Glass bottle; with-in brass classical scene frame (1039)
199Statue; figure in fetal position L-8&1/2" (1038)
200Mirror; 19th cent. 3 part folding with bamboo frame

200ASculpture; bronze man with harpoon in boat mounted against stone
201Tools; adze & ax iron heads (3)

202Silver; .800 box 2-3/4 X 2-1/4 inches, H-1'1/4 inches
203Primitive lighting; (2) mounted hand wrought rush holders
204cast iron tea kettle 3 mold with swing handle
205Cast iron: (2) kettles one footed
206Misc.; Christmas lights, nutcracker, fan, wallet, etc.
207Misc.; tray lot- pens, knives, etc.
208Silver; .800 vanity set- mirror, 3 brushes, nail buffer
209Silver; .800 30" belt
210Silver; .800 napkin rings (2)
211Silver;; .800 sugar tongs, (2) dessert tongs
212Art; Half Moon, watercolor Running Elk Ogallala Sioux F-14&1/4" by 20&1/4"
213Art; Half Moon, watercolor Chief Yellow bird, Arapahoe
214Silver; .800 tree holder with cobalt glass insert H-3"
215Silver: .800 glass holders (6)
216Porcelain; Limoges Depose 70+ dinner set
216ABox with scenic cover, goggles
216BBoxes, (2) small
217Misc.; Mexican silver, monocular, jewelry, thimble, etc.
218Wallet; leather, early 19th century
219Jewelry; necklaces- cobalt, milk glass & other beads
219AFooted red container with elephant heads & foo dog lid
220Cast iron; small stove H-7" W-9" D-11"
221Deity winged figure & mechanical puppet
221ARug; Maki Awashka, Ecuador
222 Rug; South Western flat weave 37" by 83"

223Jewelry; necklaces; brass, glass, etc.
224Handbags; (4) white beaded bags two with metal frames
225Handbags; (4) clutch & envelope style geometric bead work
226Handbags; (4) three clutch style & 1 with drawstring mostly white beads
227Handbags; one cloth with some beadwork, three black beads bags
228Handbags; (3) beaded with drawstrings pouch style
229Cigarette lighter; Dunhill pat. # 143952 H-4"
230Silver; .750 napkin holders (2)
231Silver; .800 flatware; Thomas Turner & Co. "Encore" 134 pieces
232Jewelry; Shriners bear pin, Pegasus pin, military photo, etc.
232AWatch with blue enamel back

233Jewelry; (3) necklaces
234Poster; Keller, Edgar. Daddy Long Legs Fun Songs 15 X 12 color lithograph
235Poster; Glackens, Wm. James. Scribner's Aug. Fiction #, color lithograph
236Poster; Knight, Bert. June century travel #, 22-3/4 X 14-1/2 inches color litho.
237Poster; Sandberg, Valentine. The All-Story November. Color litho. 20" X 14"
238Silver; bottle stoppers (2) spice or tea ball
239Misc.; cigarette holder, carved pipe stem with face & white stags resting

240Silver; .800 napkin holders (3) & (2) glass holders
241Silver; cup holder, tongs,
242Silver; .835 vanity mirror & 4 brushes
243Silver; misc. bottle stoppers, small bowls, etc. some .800 silver
244Jewelry; sterling bracelet, pin, ring
245Print; framed person walking near rural village
246Art; (4) small scenic framed prints
247Silver; vanity items- mirror, brush, combs, shoe horn, button hooks
248Handbags; (4) one leather plastic handle,
249Misc.; loose beads, handbag fragments, etc.
250Paperweights, six
251Paperweights, six
251APaperweights, four
252Paperweights, four
253Porcelain; Occupied Japan Gold China luncheon set
254Silver plate 1847 Rogers Bros. "First Love" flatware set with box
255Currency; Japanese
256Book; Wm. Gardan, 1902 The diamond Miner of South Africa
257Limoges; (7) 9&3/4" Charles Ahrenffeldt plates

258Silver; .800 flatware, 20 pieces
259Silver plate; 1847 Rogers Bros. "First Love" flatware set in box

259AFranklin D. Roosevelt 1940's Hyde Park N.Y. security diagram with codes
260Lighting; 3 burner oil theater lighting

261Misc.; skirt hem gauge, Hopper's round can opener, copper, wooden hammer
262Silver plate teased marked Christofle
263Silver plate; tray, tea strainers, wine cups
263APorcelain; KPM plates scenic & animals
264Porcelain; KPM plates & cups with views of European buildings
265Vintage clothing & lace
266Menorah: Arad Avraham, Studio Kedem, Heffa Israel
267Wine bottle brass opener in box
268Walking sticks. (2)
269Silver place card holders
270Hand mirror heavily embossed
271Silver plate; 1847 Rogers Bros. "First Love" flatware set in box

272Silver; sterling (6) pieces reed & Barton, plated shakers, shell bowl
273Misc.; U.S. coins in leather purse, Nautical pocket watch, M.M.R. compact
274Silver; .800 flatware, 38 pieces
275Silver; .800 flatware 26 pieces
276Porcelain; eggs & wooden crèche figurine
277Porcelain; platter matching plates fruit decorated, misc.
278Clock parts; keys, weights, pendulum, etc..
279Art; oil on canvas Wattman, G. F-44 X 22 inches
280Silver dinner place card holders
281Flatware; mother of pearl handles knives & forks
282Art; (2 prints Werneck & Schlenrsebri

283Flatware set 88 pieces Mrosenthal nack
284Noritake, Lois set of dishes
285Misc.; bone china cups, saucers, bowls, plates,
286Furniture; ladder back chair with splint woven seat & rocking chair
287Brass; candle snuffers, tea strainer, serving forks, spoon
288Silver; flatware, salt spoons, souvenir spoons, forks
289Mirror mahogany
290Art; oil on canvas cardinals perched on tree 37 X 31 inches
291Art; hunting door holding ring neck pheasant
292Kitchenware; iron griddle, food molds, grater
293Art; pair Civil War period lithographs Waiting For Shot & Effective Charge
294map; Asia 1829
295Print; Gustave Eiffel Vanity Fair 1889
296Book; Dalvit, Oskar text with color prints
297Sewing machine, Kenmore in box with attachments
298Art; (2) black & white circus lithographs unframed
299Prints; misc. small framed
300Knives; marked Victoria Regina, G & W. Lowe, Sheffield
1Bottles, brass teapot, tin
1ALithograph; France For The Great St. Leger Stakes, 1836
1BLithograph The Sailor Returns Oxford Horse races
1CArt; (3) engravings
2Checkerboard, carved wooden tray brass inlay
2AArt; Prince Albert in a frame
3Misc.; dominoes, Meteor game, checkers, etc.
4Photos, wooden figures
5Books; history of Rhode Island, Warren, etc.
6Photos; Baker's Union group shot, other union group, Deerfield train wreck
7Rayo oil lamp & case glass green shade
8Glass floats
9Art; oil painting on board in frame
10Misc.; tools, gutter hooks, latch etic.
11Furniture; hickory rocking chair with woven seat
12Tole can & Vic. oil lamp
13Art; painting flowers in vase 10-1/2 X 13-1/4 inches
14Art; painting blue flowers in vase, oil on canvas 9-3/4" X 10-3/4"
14AShoes, vintage high lace
15Ephemera' 19th France theatre papers & map Lake Ontario
16Art; misc. & doll
16AEphemera; box of misc. paper
17Ephemera; Framed, "The Intelligencer dated 5-16-1664
18Metal ware; pie tin, copper coffee pot. Other kitchenware, butter dish
18AWoodstock Festival T-shirt
19Ephemera; medical packages yellow dock, root beer, etc.
20Boks; box lot of misc. books
21Ephemera; postcards, maps, brochures, photo, etc.
22Marlborough Theater poster Battle of the Sexes
23Misc.; phonograph parts, cameras
23AGlassware, clear crystal stemware
24Misc.; Regan Library hats, books, frames, etc.
24AAssorted boxes
25Misc.; pewter pitcher, brass items, candlesticks, bowl, etc.
25AMisc.; linens, cookie jar, plates, music box, doorknob
26Jewelry multi-drawer box
27Art; (5) framed poster & prints
28Linens & casserole
29Pitcher & bowl
30Photo album black & white photos
31Furniture; side chair with upholstered seat
32Print; Collins, B. main Street Old Deerfield F-43-1/2" X 31-1/2"
33Print; Horowitz, Elisabeth. Harbor View F-35 X 26 inches
34Print: Rantz, Sylvia. Boston Common F-25 X 18 inches
35Red Riding Hood pillow cloth pattern, fraternal red velvet hat & sash
36Misc.; bottles, tins
37Misc.; prisms, buttons, Keep Cool-idge metal signs
38Map: Americae
39Art; unframed oil on canvas mountain lake view 32 X 20 inches
40Ephemera; sheet music, fashion prints, magazines, etc.
41Misc.; dishes, kitchenware, etc.
41ALamps, four
42Misc., glassware
43Linens & U.S. flag
44Box of frames, prints, clock
45Chaplin, Charles poster- The Chaplin Revue
46Art; engraving The hay Harvest 24-1/2 X 29 inches
47Print; Madonna holding palm leaf
48Box, oak H-41-1/2" w-54-1/4" D-15"
49Art; painting dark forest scene
49AArt; drawing landscape waterfall with people fishing
50Furniture; small oak stand & open work wall shelf
50AArt; lithograph Bank, Barbara Summer Time artist proof
50BArt; print Gibson. Charles "Fanned Out"
51Art; cathedral interior
52Restraining canvas jacket
53Box of photos & boxing license of Ed (No Suggestions)
54Magic sword trick props
55Trunk with contents including ES shelter
55AMagic; The Fuzzle, posters, magazines, etc.
56Lighting. Brass with green glass shade
57Rug; 3' by 5' Liberty Bell
58Art; signed Osbon lower left
59Misc.; hair dryer, protector comb, iron shoe, display lights
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